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DjiXas -> LCD or CRT? (4/28/2006 6:50:55 AM)

I'm currently using LG Flatron F720P (17 inches) which is great, but I've decided to buy 19 inches one, since it's not very comfortable when working with big size images in photoshop...

Since I'm designer, animator, which one should I buy? LCD or CRT?

Also, any model you can suggest (price is actually no really matter)?

SiliconFreak -> RE: LCD or CRT? (4/28/2006 7:27:11 AM)


Majority of members will probably suggest that you go for LCD...but I would say the opposite....CRT! [:)] Because almost none of today's LCD's can compare to "good old" CRT in the matter of color quality (and some other important areas as well)...well maybe some but they surely cost way over $1000 (and I believe at that point...PRICE MATTERS![8D]). So since you said you are a designer, animator, working with big size images (which I believe need to be of exact colors too), I believe CRT has advantage....but thats my opinion...actually you need to do the math for yourself....first to ask yourself whether that "large box"-CRT doesnt bother you (or if you prefer slim models more-LCD)...and then....quality of colors...if its important...that your final (i.e. printed or so) product has EXACTLY (or very near to) the same colors as on your screen before...? Finally....the price (although you said it doesnt matter) can get much better&larger CRT than LCD monitor for same price...[;)]

Well thats all....dont really know what else to say...its your decission to make...and i hope someone else here will also post his/her opinion, so that you could decide more easily...cause you know...the more knowledge/opinions....the better....[;)]

And about which model....first that comes in my mind is SAMSUNG (for both LCD or CRT!) has some great LCD's....with brilliant picture quality,low response times, and much more other goodies....some more expensive 19" model also offers 1440x???? (or even higher - 1600x1200??? - dont know for sure...I read about that few days ago and was impressed) resolution (when majority of other LCD 19" are still on "low" 1280x1024....). Also their CRT models are great (and for same price as 19" LCD you may actually get 21" CRT - another advantage[;)]). cant go wrong with SONY,VIEWSONIC,LG,NEC,...etc....

Ok enough for now...and if you need anything else...just PM me and I will try to help you out asap.

Best wishes,


DjiXas -> RE: LCD or CRT? (4/28/2006 12:40:17 PM)

Wow :) thanks for this post :) I was thinking about crt myself, but then thought... hm maybe in novadays lcd's are already good ones :)

Basically I'm ready to spend $1000+ or so... I just want quality :)

Also, can you tell me maybe if all lcd's are still with "Dead pixels" and slow response? :)

SithTracy -> RE: LCD or CRT? (4/28/2006 1:03:26 PM)

I have a BenQ FP91G+ 19" LCD, no dead pixels and an 8ms response... Not bad.  Replaces a ViewSonic PT775 22" CRT... It was great, but took up too much space for me.  CRT's still have an edge, but obviously not for long as they are being replaced in warehouses for the same reason I replaced my CRT with an LCD... takes up less spaces.  Space is money in warehouses and data centers!

DjiXas -> RE: LCD or CRT? (4/28/2006 3:51:17 PM)

What about colors? 16 bit?

SithTracy -> RE: LCD or CRT? (4/28/2006 10:16:33 PM)

Colors are crisp on the flat panel... I am using the DVI connector.... Running at 32 bit with an nVidia 6600 PCI-e 256MB-DDR vid card.

They were pretty darn crisp on the 22" CRT, but it has been donated and I no longer have it to compare against.  It just took up too much desk space.  It was fine when I dwelled in the basement, but I came upstairs and needed the desktop space and daylight[:D]!

DjiXas -> RE: LCD or CRT? (4/29/2006 6:52:50 AM)

What do you guys think about double slight lcd monitors? What's the optimnal pixel size should be for good view?

Any models with price 800-1500$? 19-21 inches (not doubles) :)

I just want lcd with small "dot" size, fast response and high contrast (higher contrast - beter, right) ?

I'm totally new on lcd's :) I was interested in them 2y ago and since bought my lg crt forgot about them till today :)

emperor -> RE: LCD or CRT? (5/5/2006 6:54:17 AM)

EIZO S1910 is a very good solution for colours and speed

Enygma -> RE: LCD or CRT? (7/10/2006 11:48:06 AM)

If you really want to go CRT, but want to take up less space, I've seen a flat screen CRT that's fairly smaller than your average CRT, but still not nearly as small as an LCD.

MP3Mogul -> RE: LCD or CRT? (7/10/2006 8:53:37 PM)

I'm using a Samsung SyncMaster 21 inch LCD with 32 bit... it's fantastic, I would never return to a huge CRT.  I have 0 dead pixels as well..... Benefit of LCD as well, you don't have to run a screen saver/blanker, LCD monitors don't burn, you can leave them on nonstop...

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