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reas11 -> check this XBOX out (3/13/2004 1:36:48 PM)

everyone this is the best looking xbox ever its been srayed bLue and sliver and the top button lights up blue and the control ports light up purple have a look for yourself


reas11 -> RE: check this XBOX out (3/13/2004 2:12:08 PM)

hi i just wanted to say one thing i've what iv'e notice is someone posts some info for you or asks for help and about 200 people have a look at it but only 3 reply .I reply to every message what i liked or know the ansewer to but already 6 people have viewed this but no replys come on someone could have lest reply to say they like my message or thanks for it this gets a bit boring if the is 200 people on the formula and about 3 writing if the is over 200 people how come only me minos sp and a few more who reply to messages

Laffin Assassin -> RE: check this XBOX out (3/13/2004 4:31:35 PM)

Perhaps no one is interested in a PS2 that has been fiddled with !!! [:)]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (3/13/2004 5:33:02 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

MP3Mogul -> RE: check this XBOX out (3/13/2004 7:12:57 PM)

Moved here to the online shops by * ME * this is an item for sale right? Seems this is the best locale for it.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: check this XBOX out (3/14/2004 5:58:05 PM)

Anymore Comments like your last ones in this Topic (Which I have just deleted) and I will delete all your posts and this is your last Warning so you have been warned !!![:(]

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