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lildaddy -> InCD keeps wanting to format my cdr disks! (3/11/2004 9:11:20 AM)

I have this very frustrating problem that seemed to start happening overnight. When I go to burn a cd and put a blank cdr in the drive, InCD automatically pops up saying that it's detected a cdrw in the drive and it's ready to format. I cancel out of this but it always leads to a failed burn, and another frisbee for the kids.

I've tried to cancel InCD before I put the cd in, and of course it then doesn't come up, but this doesn't help. It's failed burn after failed burn.

Here are the details:

* TDK Velocd burner 32/10/40X
* Windows ME
* InCD version 3.14
* TDK data cdr (up to 52x compatible)
* I'm using MusicMatch (7.5) to burn

Any ideas? I tried looking for an update to InCD, but the newer versions didn't seem like they were compatible with ME.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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lildaddy -> RE: InCD keeps wanting to format my cdr disks! (3/11/2004 4:52:11 PM)

I've tried getting rid of InCD, and it hasn't helped (that's what I meant by "canceling" InCD). I guess I was wondering if this was a symptom of another problem (bad media, old version of InCD or MusicMatch). InCD just all of a sudden keeps thinking my cdrs are cdrws, and my burns are failing left and right.

I've also tried using the TDK software that came with the drive to burn, which looks like it uses Nero, and this didn't help. I am still wasting a lot of cds.

Do you think my drive is dying? Or is there anything else I should try.


dburg -> RE: InCD keeps wanting to format my cdr disks! (3/11/2004 5:04:33 PM)

Originally posted by minos

Do you want to burn in the ordinary way, or proceed with InCD?

If not you can disable from Task Manager's proceeses the InCD.exe and the InCD.srvc(not exactly but something like that). Then you can write without problems.

You probably meant InCDsrv.exe. InCDsrv.exe is an InCD 4 component for NT-based systems. As lidaddy is using InCD 3 and Windows Me, he will not find such component. Additionally, an NT service (InCD or anyother) shall be stopped using Windows Administrative Tools to control services (or the 'net stop' command line), NOT killed with task manager. Windows OS does not work very well if you kill its services ;)

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lildaddy -> RE: InCD keeps wanting to format my cdr disks! (3/12/2004 12:03:20 AM)

Yeah, I think I tried this along the way and it didn't seem to help. So that would probably tell me it's not a InCD problem. But I will try it again and see what happens.

I just find it weird, and maybe symptomatic, that InCD keeps thinking my blank cdrs are blank cdrws. And maybe somebody else had this problem before, and knew what the true culprit was.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts -- I'll give this another try.

dburg -> RE: InCD keeps wanting to format my cdr disks! (3/12/2004 2:27:10 PM)

Maybe you have a program to workaround copy-protected media. Some of these programs hide or modify the media ATIP so it is not possible to distinguish CD-R from CD-RW.

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