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wolfgang -> New At This / Need Help (3/10/2006 11:23:44 AM)

I am starting a business and need to know a few general things.  I have substantially lowered my costs by "Hunting" for distributers and gotten my Slimline cases down to .13 cents each.  I am now working on getting my cd-r media down below 18cents each including chipping & handling.  I know this is hard, because I have been searching and re-searching tis for two months now.  I recently found a .10 cent disc before shipping on a link I found here,  I don't know if the disc is any good or not, but wanted to know if anyone out there does know and if not, can anyone point me in a direction to finding a very, very, low cost cd-r?  I know that what I ask is difficult and probably a little "green", but I do know that I can get better prices in large bulk purchases and that distributers do an extreme mark-up.  This is why I have problems breaking the 19- 21 cent price range.  Butm they are out there!!

Any help?

Thanks, Brian

MP3Mogul -> RE: New At This / Need Help (3/10/2006 4:28:07 PM)


    Please let us know where you are located.... edit your profile to show.... that way someone in your area will be able to assist.... I get better prices than that purchasing locally at my Sams Club in the USA.

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