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aubratgyrl -> Nero (2/25/2006 3:13:06 PM)

I am wanting to make a dvd of photos.  I want to be able to use transitions and music.  I get how to do this, but what I cannot figure out is how to edit the music track.  I can edit it if I am making a movie but to make a movie I cannot use photos, does that make sense?  Any help would be appreciated.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero (2/25/2006 4:17:44 PM)

Sounds like you already have Nero.... I suggest using either NeroVision, or Nero's new PhotoShow.... They sent me a copy and it's really great for doing "exactally" what you are describing above.

aubratgyrl -> RE: Nero (2/25/2006 4:49:39 PM)

Yes I do have it.  My problem is this.....when working with the section where I can actually use photos to build a slide show and add music and transisitons I cannot trim the music track. The section where I can trim the music track I cannot add photos only video files.  Thats my problem,  I can either not add my photos but trim the audio, or add my photos but not be able to trim the audio.  Its confusing uh?


MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero (2/26/2006 8:22:35 AM)

What I usually do.... is I do a layout on paper first.

I write down how many pictures for each song I'm going to do and the display time.  Then I use an editor such as Nero's Wave editor and clip my song to the number of seconds.... etc... then when you add the music, it will already be the number of seconds you need.

aubratgyrl -> RE: Nero (2/26/2006 10:49:28 AM)

now thats a way to do it.  I am not sure if I have that wave editor thingy but I will check.  Thank you for your help, when I cannot figure out a how to make a program do what I want it drives me NUTS.

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