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Snowcrash -> Transcoding Panasonic problem! (2/23/2006 11:55:03 AM)

I have a specific problem.

Any back-ups I create from original discs, using Shrink, work fine on my Panasonic DMR-ES20D. This is a stand alone DVD RW recorder.
Any avi's I transcode, using Win AVI Converter, do not work on my Panasonic DMR-ES20D.

I also have a DVD player and everything works on that (old Sony)
I have tried writing using TDK (TTH02) and Verbatum (RITEKG05 and MCC02RG20) and this makes no difference.
I have a Pioneer DVR 108 and a Plextor PX-755A writers in my PCs and it makes no difference which one I use.
I have used several writing programs inc Nero, Ones and Shrink. This also makes no difference.

I can only assume it's a problem with the transcoding but what I do not know.

The DMR-ES20D plays a blank screen with the time jumping up in steps (not seconds) and the manual for this machine says it is due to MHEG problems. Is this true? Is there any way around it?

Any help will be gratefully recieved...


Antonio -> RE: Transcoding Panasonic problem! (2/23/2006 12:06:05 PM)

How about trying TMPGenc DVD Source creator to encode youe AVI files?

Snowcrash -> RE: Transcoding Panasonic problem! (2/23/2006 3:18:33 PM)

When I say transcode, I mean to convert downloaded avi's back to DVD format.

Therefore I have no control over what they were encoded with.

Antonio -> RE: Transcoding Panasonic problem! (2/24/2006 1:48:02 AM)

Try the above.[:)]

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