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Esskie -> UAService7 - Sony Protection (2/16/2006 1:18:46 PM)

Just the other night I stuck a copy of Big Momma's House 2 in to copy, bearing in mind that it was a copy anyway.
Much to my bemusement, PowerDVD, Nero, DVD-DeCrypter & pretty much anything else I tried not only wouldn't play the disc but reported the disc as being empty!?.

Then I found a file in my windoze folder called UAService7.exe after banashing this file to the depths of my trash bin, guess what?.... PowerDVD plays it & DVD-DeCrypter was able to 'see' the *.VOBs & *.IFO files on the disk.
However I'm concerned that the file may return?, sometimes these things happen as you'll know but I just wondered how many others have came across this file and if anyone perhaps knows where it came from?.

Regards, Esskie

Antonio -> RE: UAService7 - Sony Protection (2/16/2006 1:48:06 PM)

DVD Decrypterhas been closed down so there are no new updates for it. DVD Fab Decrypter is the new one which can handle all protections.[:)]

Esskie -> RE: UAService7 - Sony Protection (2/16/2006 5:02:42 PM)

Hi Antonio my friend,
Hope you are well [:)], After I deleted the UAService7.exe file from my windows folder I am now able to play and copy it fine.
I used DVD Decrypter to rip it in the end, I also have DVD Fab Decrypter & DVD-Shrink here too, both are good programs.

I just wondered if anyone else had seen the UAService7.exe file and what program may have installed onto my hard drive.
Problem solved though [:)]

Regards, Esskie

MP3Mogul -> RE: UAService7 - Sony Protection (2/16/2006 5:31:39 PM)

Strange you say you made a "COPY" of Big Mama's House-2 as it's still in the theater's and has not been released to DVD!

Clint -> RE: UAService7 - Sony Protection (2/16/2006 10:42:36 PM)

Perhaps he obtained a watermarked 'screener' DVD meant for execs... [8|]

If you did obtain a pressed DVD pre-release it would not suprise me that it would have system-level driver installs as part of anti-piracy measures to prevent the image being flooded on torrents etc...
These can simply be by-passed by not using auto-run (hold Shift) when inserting or having new revisions of AnyDVD running before insertion.

Esskie -> RE: UAService7 - Sony Protection (2/17/2006 4:26:32 AM)

I don't know where it originated from at all? but it's on one of those Tuff Disc DVD-Rs. Also the quality isn't exactly the best.
IMHO it's a, what I call 'UCI-Cam' if you follow?.

It looks like a case of someone having had the masking tape out......, I mean you don't get a 'rub down' when you go in to watch a movie at the flix & with technology producing ever decreasingly sized equipment thesedays.
It's got the DivX logo in the bottom corner of the screen btw. I see folks round my neck of the woods with UCI-Cam rips a lot, I only wish I could source them, then again what I don't know in this case won't hurt me.

Clint- I wish I had a contact to obtain such things my friend but alas I haven't.

Incidentially back to this UAService7.exe, that file was in my windows folder before I obtained this rip so it didn't come from there. I'd just like to know where that particular file could have came from?.
Maybe from some game I've installed or something?. I'd really like to know how/where it ended up on my HD?. I only noticed it being there this week. 

Oh, btw, an older version ( of DVD Decrypter ripped it when reported the drive being empty, it was only after deleting the UAService7 file that (and my other ripping apps) could manage to see the files on the disc.

I'm using a LG 4167B.

I'm gonna end there before I talk myself into trouble!!

Regards, Esskie

Btw it's all over the place see removed

MP3Mogul -> RE: UAService7 - Sony Protection (2/17/2006 5:16:30 AM)

Yes, because what you are doing is "EXTREMELY ILLEGAL"

Please do not mention or ask for such help with your illegal activities on the board.

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