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hemelady -> window files missing (2/13/2006 6:33:56 AM)

hi  can anybody help me on my pc screen it says windows files missing,apparently there are 3 files missing.its windows 98,i dont have a boot disc or cd all i have is the code.its telling me to put in a command prompt.any help would be appreciated

WinThusiast -> RE: window files missing (2/13/2006 9:13:28 AM)

...and which files are we talking about?

...which code do you have? serial? (i hope we arent talking about illegally copied software here...[&:])

...who/what/where says "to put in command prompt"?

Please tell us more about your problem so we may help you out ASAP....[;)]

hemelady -> RE: window files missing (2/13/2006 10:02:51 AM)

windows  has detected a registry /configuration error
go to command prompt only and run scanreg.
the files are:windows\himem.sys
serial numberS-YXG50

WinThusiast -> RE: window files missing (2/13/2006 8:15:22 PM)

so have you ran it? (scanreg)?

in case you havent...go to command prompt....and run it (scanreg)....then....hopefully it will fix your problems...alsooo...meanwhile you may use Search....and try to find those 3 programs....and if search finds them....then they surely arent missing....then all the problems are within Registry (which scanreg will hopefully fix - or at least tell you whats wrong).

Try steps above and let me know what windows had to say. [;)]

hemelady -> RE: window files missing (2/14/2006 2:57:05 AM)

when i type in scanreg it says bad command ,cant go any further

WinThusiast -> RE: window files missing (2/14/2006 11:49:39 AM) may read this article and try to see if something works for you.... you have "ordinary" win98 or win98se? As you will read...there are 2 registry checker tools (scanreg.exe and scanregw.exe) try running both of them....and if not...reboot into command prompt (hold F8 key at boot and select Command prompt from the menu that shows up...then try typing/running scanreg.exe and/or scanregw.exe)...

Also...have you tried manually searching for those "missing files"? Are they there or not? that article above...and try those procedures...then let me know if problems still exist...hopefully not...[;)]

Good luck!

You should consider upgrading to some WinXP alike OS....because as far as i know there isnt much support (if any!?) anymore for your system if far more vulnerable to both....such system errors....and also to hackers (although up-to-date antivirus/firewall/spyware/adware solutions may help you alot here). So my advice is to upgrade asap! [;)]

hemelady -> RE: window files missing (2/14/2006 3:11:45 PM)

a message comes up saying:enter command interpreter:

WinThusiast -> RE: window files missing (2/14/2006 5:11:28 PM) is command try inserting it there...[&:]

btw, have you been deleting some system files lately or what? is your win98 otherwise working? do you have up to date antivirus&firewall?

really strange...either you deleted some system files lately...or...your system is infected with some virus or something....or...some other system error came up (which also happened quite often in my "good old" win98 days!)

So try with as interpreter...and....upgrade your operating system asap...thats my advice...

Also calling for everyone else to help hemelady out with your suggestions/ideas...[;)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: window files missing (2/14/2006 6:53:14 PM)

Well WinEnthusiast, your answer is 100% on the money... no other comments needed that I can see.

If you have a Win98 boot disc, you can get from there......

WinThusiast -> RE: window files missing (2/15/2006 5:07:25 AM)

Exactly....all said...[;)]

and i was about to recommend fixing OS from boot disc also, but since she said she doesnt have it, I rather didnt...[:)]

hemelady -> RE: window files missing (2/15/2006 5:49:27 AM)

i have put boot disk in
and its asking for coa but the numbers on the coa dont fit into spaces what am i doing wrong"""

WinThusiast -> RE: window files missing (2/15/2006 6:15:09 AM)

dont know for win98, but i believe it has same code length as win98se....

so your code/serial should look like this XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

so 5 times 5 characters with - between...

now replace those X's with your serial and it should work...

try looking onto should be there...[;)]

hemelady -> RE: window files missing (2/15/2006 6:27:20 AM)

there are only 18 numbers on the coa

WinThusiast -> RE: window files missing (2/15/2006 6:37:45 AM)

...and how many spaces are there, where you should insert coa?

hemelady -> RE: window files missing (2/15/2006 6:44:34 AM)

there are 25

WinThusiast -> RE: window files missing (2/15/2006 6:50:06 AM)

so its like i said need to find 25-characters serial....cause that 18-character code surely isnt the right one...[&:]

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