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Justin Payne -> I'm lazy. Please help. (2/11/2006 8:32:48 PM)

Ok, maybe not so much lazy but looking for suggestions while I'm looks.

The gods have granted me a little cash and I think it's time I appease them by buying myself a DVD burner (My gods welcome my selfishness). [;)]
I mostly want to use it to backup my old Hi-8s but after having a Burner-Wrecking-CD incedent (I lost three in that mess not to mention the time and cost to get them replaced), I'm a big "backup my purchased PC CDs" fan. I'm not interested in backing up DVDs. Backing up my music would be nice but since I have an older changer, at this time I haven't been able to play a burned disc in it.

This site is great but doesn't really offer a good "lookup by features" option.

What I'm looking for is some suggestions on a good DVD burning for my purpose. I'd be willing to read any links that were passed my way. I just want to cut through most of the sea of info on this subject.


Antonio -> RE: I'm lazy. Please help. (2/12/2006 6:32:51 AM)

Do you need a good DVD burning application or burner?

For application Nero is the most reliable and for drive there are many good at this moment.

Plextor 716, 740, 755
BenQ 1640, 1655
LG 4166
NEC 3550, 4550
Pioneer 110

I would go for a BenQ or Plextor.[:)]

Don't also forget that for safe burnings you need decent media. Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are the best.

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