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cindie2006 -> Nero Vision Express (2/8/2006 8:13:47 AM)

Hello everyone.
 This is my first time posting and I really hope someone can help me. I'm using Nero Vision Express 3 to make a movie from pictures for a wedding. It's a very simple program except for one small issue. I looked in the "Make a Movie" section and it enables you to put titiles with animation anywhere in the movie. I want to import these titles in my slideshow or use that movie feature with my pictures and they are not supported in the movie making section. Is there a way to transform my slideshow in a supported movie file/files?  Does anyone know of a slideshow program that has animated titles?  I have Paint Shop Photo Album and Microsoft Movie Maker which I usually use but find it time consuming to switch back and forth.
Any help would be great...the wedding is March 4/06

Antonio -> RE: Nero Vision Express (2/8/2006 9:02:47 AM)

In what format is the video files you have?

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