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SpeedY GonzaleS -> [Help] Burning a Multiple CD Game on a DVD (2/7/2006 12:57:49 AM)

Hi, first of all im new here, this is my first post. Sorry for my bad english but im from a spanish speaking country.
I want to know if anyone can help burning a multiple cd game on 1 dvd.
Usually most of the games work just by decompressing the cd isos on a single folder and burning the extracted files on the dvd. But some games in the middle of the installation ask to introduce the next cd. Is there any way to bypass this? do I need a special software to do it? is there a guide in the forum that i didn´t see? if exists a way to bypass this (and im sure there is :D), is the same procedure to all games or some games require different bypasses?
As you can see, I have a lot of questions, if anyone can help I would apreciate that.
Thanks in advantage to all those who can help me!

Antonio -> RE: [Help] Burning a Multiple CD Game on a DVD (2/7/2006 1:44:18 AM)

I would make the images of those CDs and burn them all as data onto a DVD. Then I would enable a virtual drive, in Alcohol or Daemon Tools for example and mount the images. Anytime it would ask a CD I would mount it on the virtual drive. This is the most simple way I think.[:)]

emperor -> RE: [Help] Burning a Multiple CD Game on a DVD (2/7/2006 4:19:02 AM)

Antonio's way is pretty simple and effective

SpeedY GonzaleS -> RE: [Help] Burning a Multiple CD Game on a DVD (2/7/2006 5:38:23 AM)

Thanks for answering Antonio, I already thought of that posibility but it just doesn´t solve my problem. I want to burn "the whole game" as if was a dvd-version of the game, not the cd-iso version. I don´t want to mount images, I want an autorun dvd-version of the game. Maybe you think that im being a little bit complicated, but I want it that way. Now that we clear that point, does anyone know how to do this?? :D

Clint -> RE: [Help] Burning a Multiple CD Game on a DVD (2/7/2006 8:20:30 AM)

SpeedY, the way you speak of is possible, I just don't know how since I have yet to do this. I have seen it done before e.g. NFS:MW CD version - DVD: installs as a single DVD would, no emulation.... If you find out please post back... [;)] Cheers!

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