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Esskie -> Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/4/2006 5:06:24 PM)

Hi There,
I've just bought a LG 4167B (vD11) and the first thing I wanted to do was to run the tests to see how it performed with DVDs, however when I'm asked to load an image file I only have the option of an ISO or a NRG image, what happened to NRI etc,?.

Also, when I try to create a data disc on a DVD+RW or a DVD-R I get an error message saying:
The only image file I have is a linux DVD iso image which is 2.03Gb, is this image no good?.
It can burn image files normally that I make myself from lots of small files but I only get the option to save the image as an iso or nrg when I know Nero can read nri, bin, cue images etc.

The drive is currently running firmware D11 but I do have D13 which is dated Jan(?) 2006 so I would like to flash it to the latest but am reluctant until I can get this sorted out.
Anyone any ideas?.

Antonio -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/4/2006 6:26:26 PM)

A newer firmware is most times good to have.

Which cdspeed do you have?

Notice that with DVD-R/RW you have simulation while with DVD+R/RW an actual burn. Take care since you might burn by accident any DVD+R, it happened for me in the past.[:)]

Esskie -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/4/2006 7:55:19 PM)

I have updated the firmware from vD11 to D13 now but I can still only do the read tests, no write tests.

I thought Nero made it's own data discs?, a write test with a CD-R made it's own disc when I done this before.
Also Antonio, the iso file is 2.03Gb linux image, should I keep it under 1Gb?. I only can save images as iso or nri but when I try to make a data disc it wants an iso or nrg image. Could this have anything to do with it?.

I have made 4 coasters already from x16 DVD-Rs, the DVD+RW are only x4 :(.

Why do I have all these problems with DVD burners my friend ? , first the rubbish BTC and now this although this one is working good as everything is working okay apart from the write tests. At least I can watch/rip movies etc now again :)

All my Nero s/ware is upto date my friend, CD/DVD Speed is v.4.06.

Anyway, I was going to buy the 4163B but saw this 4167B for only £5 more so I bought this instead.

This isn't so bad as the BTC as I couldn't do anything with that at all but I would like to know how well it writes compared to other members 4167s though.

Antonio -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/5/2006 6:39:56 AM)

The 4167 is a great burner and the drive is not your problem.

I also burn ISO images with Nero which are 4GB and never had problems, so something is wrong probably with the file.

Use your DVD+RW, in order to avoid one more DVD-R coaster, with Nero and burn as DVD-ROM(ISO), the first option in DVD for Nero Burning Rom, many data from your PC, until you reach the 4.37 approxi,ately GB.

As for CD-DVD Speed you can get the 4.10 at
but this is only for see the writing and reading startegies.

Esskie -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/5/2006 8:07:21 AM)

Hi Antonio,
I think I did not explain properly?.

I have burned the linux iso image onto a DVD (normally) and then installed Mandriva 10.2 with it so the image is ok. The drive is working properly in everyway apart from the write tests.
I can write/copy DVDs no problem but I want to see the write test results, when I try to do write tests with CD/DVD Speed is the only time I have a problem writing. I have no problem doing write tests with CD-Rs, only DVD discs.

Also, when I create data disc on CD, Nero made the data disc itself, I did not have to choose an image file but I am asked for one with the DVD write data disc option?.

My DVD+RW & DVD+R only do x4, they are Packard Bell but it would be good to do a write test with the x16 speed DVD-R discs (DataWrite x16).

Antonio, my ASPI drivers are from 1999. The Nero ASPI (wnaspi32.dll, v. is February 2006 and InfoTool reports all ASPI are installed & working properly.

All is good but I cannot do any DVD write tests?


PS: Thank you Antonio for all the help you have given me!, you helped me a lot with the BTC and now this lol.

Esskie -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/5/2006 2:04:36 PM)

I forgot to mention my CD/DVD Speed version is v4.11.

Also I found DVD Speed on but the disc must need 'opened' as the satart test button is greyed out.

Antonio -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/6/2006 1:45:18 AM)

You might explained good, but my english is not too good.[;)]

What do you mean write tests? CDSpeed simulation? If you want to do this with a -R/RW you just press the Start button with a blank disc. This way you'll perform a writing simulation. If the disc is not empty then it will be a reading. No need for create data disc with a -R/RW.
If you have a +R/RW then if you press the Start button you'll get an error since there is no way to simulate. In that case only create data disc is working, but the disc must be blank, and it will be written. If it is not blank then it will be also a simple reading test.

I think you don't need ASPI but if you want to install then 4.60 are better with XP.

With Create Data Disc you don't have to choose an image, the cdspeed chooses the data itself.

Esskie -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/6/2006 5:17:00 AM)

Hi Antonio,
Inglese siete migliori di mine!! [:)]
(Your English is better than mine)

Spiacente per il mio Italiano difettoso
(Sorry for my very bad Italian)

Spero che capiate che cosa significo? , Uso la traduzione sul Internet per parlare italiano
(I hope you understand what I mean?, I use translation on internet to speak Italian [:D]).

Non posso generare il disco di dati?, Sono chiesto un'immagine di fare il disco di dati con?
(I cannot create a data disc, I am asked for an image file to make the data disc with.)

Ciò non è corretta è esso Antonio?
(This is not correct is it Antonio?)

Tutta l'approvazione del lavoro sperimentale colto, non posso fare scrivo la prova comunque?) I prova con DVD-R e DVD+R/RW.
(All read test work ok, I cannot do write test though? [:(] .)

non posso fare scrivo la prova comunque?, I prova con DVD-R e DVD+R/RW.
(I cannot do write test, I try test with DVD-R and DVD+R & DVD+RW)

Desidero vedere che la prova esplorare per x16 scrive.
(I want to see test scan for x16 write)

Perchè chiede l'immagine di generare il disco Antonio di dati?
(Why does it ask for image file Antonio?)

Ciò è soltanto problema che ho, tutto altrimenti sta lavorando molto buon e sono felice con 4167B.
(This is only problem I have, everything else is working very good and I am happy with 4167B).

I burn Linux iso on DVD last night and install linux Mandriva 2006 (v.10.2), Ora ho XP pro e Linux su questo pc come caricamento del sistema doppio (I now have XP Pro and Linux on this PC as dual boot)


Antonio -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/6/2006 5:25:07 AM)

Actually I don't know why does it ask for an image file...

The writing strategy for your drive with DVD-R at 16X is:


While for the DVD+R at 16X:


This is what you would see, nothing more, no quality scan.

Esskie -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/6/2006 6:53:42 AM)

Thank you Antonio for posting the scans,

I just tried again with a blank CDRW and it asked for an image file again, I pointed to 'testcd.nrg' I downloaded from Nero website and it said it was unsupported image format!!.

Oh well, aslong as the drive is ok, the test with CD/DVD Speed is not important, after the problem with the BTC 1008, this is very small problem so I won't worry about it anymore I think.

It burned the 2.03Gb linux iso DVD very quickly with no problems and it is a good copy, when I installed linux last night it read the disc very well & quickly.

So, again Antonio, thank you for your help and your time to answer my questions,

Best Regards, Esskie.

Antonio -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/6/2006 10:09:54 AM)

Anytime buddy...

is cdspeed doesn't want to work we don't care.[:D][;)]

Esskie -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/6/2006 1:24:18 PM)

[:D][:D], Hell Yeah!!, we will just put it beside InCD [;)]

Antonio -> RE: Probz with Nero's CD/DVD Speed tests (2/6/2006 4:26:50 PM)

For a moment I thought you was about to use InCD and I started to worried about.[:D]

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