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xbill -> ?whatare green -yellow lines in speed test (2/1/2006 10:56:56 PM)

Can some one exsplane what the gr&yellow lines represent,in the speed test,also the numbers on the right are.                                                      


zebra -> RE: ?whatare green -yellow lines in speed test (2/3/2006 3:30:50 PM)

Hi there. One measures the actual speed in RPM. The other is measuring the "x" rating of your unit via averages.

One tells you how many RPM the drive spindle is spinning at. The other gives you an averaged view of these speeds.

Makes sense?

xbill -> RE: ?whatare green -yellow lines in speed test (2/3/2006 4:14:28 PM)

Witch color line go's with the rpm line, andis this the speed it burned at or does the x refer to that? Thanks for taking time to help a newbie.

LIGHTNING UK! -> RE: ?whatare green -yellow lines in speed test (2/7/2006 7:58:33 PM)

Neither of them are the speed it burnt at, this is a 'Read' speed test.

The yellow one is the read speed, the green one is the rpm.

btw, are you running some super old version there?! Any particular reason why?

Clint -> RE: ?whatare green -yellow lines in speed test (2/9/2006 1:53:32 AM)

Lol, probs coz its freeware/

xbill -> RE: ?whatare green -yellow lines in speed test (2/9/2006 1:24:43 PM)

    I up graided dvd info pro, can you tell if these's # are good or not . The pi-pf -Q score ,can you tell me what a good # would be.Bhave read the post but hard to find what makes a good burn.Thanks for any info you cangive.


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