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DigA -> Give my creature life! Life I say! (1/4/2006 7:53:13 PM)

Hello my disc burning brothers and sisters,
In this New Year I am planning to build
at least two new computers after a long hiatus.
I have waited because my last build works like a slave
And loves me like a mother.  So I’ve had no excuse to build
another.  Until I felt an artistic urge.  Now I want some high style.
Top flight operation and raw power.  Problem is, I haven’t been looking for so long,
I don’t know what’s what.  So here I am looking for the Top Op (tical drives), the most efficient applications and the most formidable features.  I figure this will be my last personal build until quantum computing becomes available (I couldn’t appreciate much more speed than I have now) so I want the best drive technology I can find.  I know you will be glad to help and I will be happy to share.  Cheers to all! [:)]

emperor -> RE: Give my creature life! Life I say! (1/5/2006 3:17:25 AM)

Dear friend, welcome to our forum, i hope that we will help you decide which drive suits best for your [:)]

Antonio -> RE: Give my creature life! Life I say! (1/5/2006 3:19:58 AM)

Welcome and good luck with your new system.
There are many good drives in the market such as the BenQ 1640, the Pioneer 110, the Plextor 716 and the NEC 4550. I have chosen the Plextor 716 which comes also in SATA version which I prefer than IDE.[;)]

DigA -> RE: Give my creature life! Life I say! (1/5/2006 10:42:00 AM)

Senor Antonio,  that leads me to my second issue.  Could you specify the performance increase in SATA interface as opposed to IDE where CD/DVD read/write/seek  speeds are concerned???
New thread, right?
Gee, I love this place. [;)]

SithTracy -> RE: Give my creature life! Life I say! (1/5/2006 11:21:35 AM)

I think in Antonio's case it is a matter of preference.  I don't see how SATA is going to be any better or worse than IDE for optical drives.  I too have a Plextor PX-716A, but mine is on the IDE interface and my hard discs are on SATA.  I think SATA (as it evolves) is the future as faster devices become available but it is still a new technology.   I have read some reviews at other sites that had done comparisons on IDE vs. SATA drives and the IDE drives performed marginally better.  I just can't provide any links right now... The Plextor was specifically picked on in the case I recall.

DigA -> RE: Give my creature life! Life I say! (1/5/2006 11:27:59 AM)

I think the Plextor might be the only SATA optical drive available at this time, and if there is little advantage to using the interface, should there be more?

Antonio -> RE: Give my creature life! Life I say! (1/5/2006 11:28:10 AM)

Exactly SithTracy, I just prefer the SATA drives. Latest boards have more SATA connections than IDE while the SATA cables in the case are much more convinient than the 40/80pin.[;)]

DigA -> RE: Give my creature life! Life I say! (1/5/2006 11:30:22 AM)

Excellent point good sir!!!
You guys are sharp. [:-]
smaller cables, better airflow, (less clutter if using water) smart.

Antonio -> RE: Give my creature life! Life I say! (1/5/2006 11:33:46 AM)

40/80pin cables are pain in the ass...[sm=fun_84.gif]


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