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ModFreak -> Xbox 360 Games BackUp (12/12/2005 10:06:03 AM)

The Game Dump Extractor incl. source code was released by Team PI Coder. It allows you to extract Xbox360-ISO image files (x360dvdfs). Just like the original Xbox (xdvdfs) the 360 does not use the ISO9660 or UDF filesystem for the content on game DVDs. This tools allows you to extract the files from an image in the 'Xbox 360 DVD file system' (.360). As there seems to be some kinda confusion about this: it does NOT bypass the protection that prevents you from reading an original Xbox 360 disc on your PC, so you can't use it to access/read original Xbox360 discs.
Download Halobox GUI Game Dump Extractor: here
Download Sonia GUI Game Dump Extractor: here

ah bao -> RE: Xbox 360 Games BackUp (12/13/2005 2:05:51 AM)

nice... in a few more months would you see an actual chip? or would that a year or so to develop? The 360 seems like a challenge.

emperor -> RE: Xbox 360 Games BackUp (12/13/2005 2:28:47 AM)

probably they removed a XBox 360 drive, installed at PC and ripped the games, probably it maybe a matter of time before some kind of workaround comes up that enables playback of backups, but then again we will have to wait and see, maybe when PS3 is about to be released magically something will popup [:)]

cavado28 -> RE: Xbox 360 Games BackUp (9/23/2009 11:20:43 PM)

I like playing games very much. I like burning xbox 360 games but I do not know how to do downloading xbox 360 games . Sometimes it is difficult.

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