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_copycat_ -> Backing up PS2 games (11/18/2005 10:23:18 PM)

This question is for anyone who has backed up a PS2 game. Should the dumping process that creates the image take a long time? I started the process and let it run all night and it was only 7.5% done in the mourning. I emailed Alcohol about this and got back a refferance to the procedure from their forums, but it did not address the issue of how long it should take.
         I am using a Lite-on 832S drive as my plextor 716SA won't even read the game disk" I'm not sure why!" It is a DVD+RW, book type DVD-Rom
         My proccessor is a 3.0GHz
         With 1.0 Gigs of Ram
         A Raptor 74mb HDD
         Windows XP Home Ed. SP2

   In short.... My computer should be up to the task.[:@]     So why does it take so long to create the image?          Any Ideas where I should start looking for the problem?

Antonio -> RE: Backing up PS2 games (11/19/2005 6:21:38 AM)

Making the image from the original disc normaly it is not such a problem but the time depends on the drive, and I mean not the speed off course. Since you tried with two different drives this is strange. OK I don't had ever a PS2 but this is logic.[:)]

Have you choose in Alcohol the correct protection?

_copycat_ -> RE: Backing up PS2 games (11/20/2005 12:51:47 AM)

Yes     A-ray scanner shows no protection, but the people at Alcohol said to set the data type to playstation 2 setting. They did not say anything about why the image download process was so slow.

Antonio -> RE: Backing up PS2 games (11/20/2005 6:58:54 AM)

Isit possible the disc you are backing up to have scratches so the drive is getting difficult to read?

emperor -> RE: Backing up PS2 games (11/20/2005 4:29:08 PM)

PS2 discs are not something special, remember that you have to install a modchip to be able playback them

_copycat_ -> RE: Backing up PS2 games (11/20/2005 7:21:47 PM)

The problem is not with playback...yet. It's with the time it has taken to dump the files to create an image file. Twice I have had to abort the process because it should not take double digit hours to download a game disc. That is why I think that only someone that has done it before can answer the question of why it is taking so long. I do appreciate your input though, My mod chip is on it's way.

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