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AndreL -> - vs + for DVD Bckup (11/7/2005 11:59:07 AM)

Wanting to know if one is better than the other. + vs - Cause my player can handle both types. Just wanting to see if one had something over the other. With Bitsetting + comes out on top cause it can be transfer to a DVD-ROM

SithTracy -> RE: - vs + for DVD Bckup (11/7/2005 1:47:10 PM)

Personally, I go for whatever is a better deal at the time.  I've had no issues with either disc type.  I primarily use +R for home movies that I convert frim tape and set the book-type to DVD-ROM for sharing with family, but use either +R or -R for data backup... for that it makes no difference to me.

JeanLuc -> RE: - vs + for DVD Bckup (11/7/2005 2:43:53 PM)

For 16x high-speed, -R media is often believed to be technically superior due to the lower wobble frequencies (compared to +R) ... the german pc magazine c't believes that the higher wobble frequencies of the +R format affect disc jitter and thus playability on standalone devices and PI-Sum 8.

AFAIK, the wobble frequency is used to modulate the spiral groove so a given drive can extract trhe exact disc position out of the groove modulation.

Personally, I found it easier to find +R media of decent quality than good -R so I bought +R only and set the booktype to "DVD-ROM" to increase playability ... but with Verbatim 16x -R (MID: MCC03RG20) being affordable and widely available, I use these quite often now.

Taiyo Yuden's 8x and 16x -R (MID's: TYG02 & TYG 03) are widely believed to be the best media available at this time ...

Antonio -> RE: - vs + for DVD Bckup (11/7/2005 2:51:19 PM)

Yeap me too. Morover it depends on your burner. For example some burners prefer minus format or some other plus format. In that case it is better to get the appropriate media.

I think there is no actual difference foa all us end users.[:)]

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