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Baderade -> "Sony" aka Lighton Dw-d22a drive xp issues (11/4/2005 5:31:45 PM)

Recently out of lazyiness, I bought a sony VAIO media center, as I had no problems with them in the past and I enjoy the sony brand, however the drive, a DW-D22A DVD RW drive, is actually a rebranded Lighton drive. It is recognized as being seen in BIOS. Its shown in device manager, however, it has an error 22, which, since that means that I turned it off,  makes no sense as it does not enable me to turn it on again. I would imagine it has to do with IDE since after removing my other drive (HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8163B) and plugging the DW into the other connecter on my cord, it runs fine. It doesn't appear to be a resource conlflict, though I have yet to flip my drives and see if they operate together reversed as master and slave, but this is a problem

Antonio -> RE: "Sony" aka Lighton Dw-d22a drive xp issues (11/5/2005 6:56:02 PM)

make sure you have all connections correct, secondary ide channel as master with the appropriate jumber setting.

unistall the ide channel in device manager and reboot.

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