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Laffin Assassin -> Good Online UK Shops for DVD/CDR Media !!! (11/24/2003 2:55:03 AM)

I have been recently using :-
For some good quality Arita DVD Media and I have found their service very Good and Delivery very fast !!! [:)]
If anyone else knows of any good or bad Online Media shops please let us know and give us your Opinions about their goods and service !!! [:)]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Good Online UK Shops for DVD/CDR Media !!! (11/24/2003 2:57:25 AM)

Another one I have used for quite some time and had no problems with is :-
I can recommend both of these if you are looking for good service and quality goods !!! [:)]

iry -> RE: Good Online UK Shops for DVD/CDR Media !!! (9/30/2005 6:29:19 AM)

Hi all.....I unfortunetly posted the below text into the wrong forum and was ask to post here instead.

While I was browsing the internet for a good deal on DVD-R & CD-R blanks, I came across a shop called Somehow they can sell the disks without charging VAT. I didnt believe this at first, So I rang up customs and excise and they informed me that single goods to the value of £17.99 and under can in fact be shipped back to the UK without charging VAT to their customers.

To cut a long story short this website charges 17.5% less than any other store on the internet and the postage is the same (might even be cheaper in some circumstances).

Personnaly I would rather have that 17.5% saved in my pocket rather than paying it in Tax to the goverment.

I ordered some (paying with Paypal) and was very very happy with the product.

Happy shopping..........

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