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sp_admin -> Welcome (11/10/2003 7:04:56 PM)

Hello to all

We start a new Category on our Forum devoted to hardware problems of PC's and peripherals.
We welcome your questions on every aspect of hardware, except those related to CD, DVD, audio, video, etc, handled in the original sections of our Forum.

We believe that since we have so many experts both among our Moderators and our users, some of us will be able to solve many of our everysay hardware problems in the very same forum we already discuss, solve and learn the technologies of CD and DVD.

Time will show if this is wise choise. Untill then, please post your questions here and we will try to solve them. As things expand, we will try to make new more refined sections within this category.

Happy posting!

MP3Mogul -> RE: Welcome (11/10/2003 10:20:36 PM)

Thanks SP! I think this is a "fantastic" idea, and a good step towards more board development. [8D]

sp_admin -> RE: Welcome (11/11/2003 9:25:40 PM)

Let us hear what is the most intersting category to start with...

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Welcome (11/17/2003 3:35:28 PM)

Come on Guys if you are having any problems with your Computer Hardware don't be shy tell us and you will get some help !!! [:)]

sp -> RE: Welcome (11/17/2003 6:40:55 PM)

There was, and partialy there is a problem with this section.
Users do not see it when they first come to the forum, because it belongs to a different category group.

For example, the 2 console forums immediately came up when they where more widely seen.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Welcome (11/19/2003 12:58:10 AM)

Ah well Iam sure you will cure the problem SP !!! [:)][;)]

sp -> RE: Welcome (11/19/2003 8:31:17 PM)

Following your suggestion, I changed the link on the navigation bars to point to the forum with all group categories opened.

I do not think though that this will flood this forum with new topics:))

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