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thekier -> DVD-RW video problems (9/7/2005 4:44:09 AM)

I dont know much about this stuff, so please help me out!
I have af video on DV tapes, that I wish to edit. I transfer it onto a DVD-RW as video in a .vro file. I can watch the file on a standalone DVD player and on my computer which has PowerDVD. BUT, and there is a but! I can't find the file, when opening the DVD from My Computer or pathfinder it is empty, yet full. It has no space left but there seems to be no files on it. I have tried all the video converters I could find (AVI, Nero and something with 'smart'), but none can open it or even find it.
I wonder if I somehow can get the video file onto my HD by way of the DVD player and from there edit in it?
Or maybe there is a program that can read it?
There has to some way to make my PowerDVD player in the computer and my HD talk to each other...[:(]

All help is greatly appreciated!!!


nicw -> RE: DVD-RW video problems (9/27/2005 6:17:37 PM)

Why not transfer the DV directly to the computer using Microsoft Movie Maker which is part of XP and support reading directly from DV tapes.
thats how I do it.


Antonio -> RE: DVD-RW video problems (9/28/2005 3:28:38 AM)

yes this sound more convinient

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