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Howie17 -> DVD RW - VR mode - playback on other DVD players? (8/27/2005 11:52:11 PM)

I own a LG DVD Recorder (LGR435) that I have tried all the recordable formats with (+RW, -RW, +R, -R) and they record just fine.

I recorded a couple of DVD from satellite TV on a -RW in VR mode (I maybe should have recorded it in Video mode)... I have finalized them as well. These DVDs have trouble playing in most DVD players, but play in the DVD recorder just fine. I really need these two DVDs.

1. Is there a way to convert them to a readable format? Doesn't CyberLink have software that does this? Is it called Power Producer?

2. Is there any freeware DVD video player software out there that I could use to play these DVDs on my new Dell laptop?


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