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zebra -> Help make DVDInfoPro better with dvdinfomantis!!! (8/6/2005 7:58:39 AM)

Hi all,

For a long time now, we have been relying on forum posts and user email for submission of bug-reports and problems with the software. We feel, given the size and popularity of the application, that this is no longer suitable for a project of such effort.

This is why, today, I am unveiling my new tool, kindly provided from source by Mantis. It is what I like to call dvdinfomantis

So what is dvdinfomantis? It is a very powerful bug tracking tool, similar to Bugzilla, as used by many open-source and sourceforge based projects. It is designed as a community collaboration and group submission tool, so that we can have as many users as possible submitting all the bugs/problems/requests they can find!

We have always found the community to be amazingly helpful and enthusiastic. This is what drives us forward. We feel, with this tool, we can organise and collate all your requests into one tidy location.

With that, I give you:


Please enjoy the new tool and use it as much as you can. We have created this space with you, the end user in mind!

So bug us! Bug us lots! Send us a flood of bugs! :)


stevec5000 -> RE: Help make DVDInfoPro better with dvdinfomantis!!! (1/18/2006 8:07:14 PM)

How about getting version 4.52 to Stop forcing installation of the Tool Bar
even though I keep telling it NO?

zebra -> RE: Help make DVDInfoPro better with dvdinfomantis!!! (1/19/2006 6:26:10 AM)

Hi stevec,

Looking into it. I cannot replicate your issue here. Can you please log an official job on DVDInfoMantis for me, so we can get this looked into for you ASAP?

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Talk soon!

MP3Mogul -> RE: Help make DVDInfoPro better with dvdinfomantis!!! (1/19/2006 11:08:09 AM)

I just downloaded the questioned file 4.52, to see, and I selected to "NOT" install the toolbar, and the program installed just fine, and it did "NOT" install the toolbar!

Nothing wrong with the program, it works as advertised.  (tested download on 5 machines) and it worked EVERY time.

zebra -> RE: Help make DVDInfoPro better with dvdinfomantis!!! (1/19/2006 4:51:07 PM)

Yup. Same. I cannot replicate the problem either. I have NicW looking into it as well, but it seems perfect to me.

Nic just wrote the following statement in DVDInfoMantis:


I really dont understand this. The installer is written with NSIS and offers the toolbar during install. This is only offered on the free version. If the user opts out of the install, the toolbar installer is not even called.

Unless there is a bug in the installer which has not come to light in four months and over a million downloads, then the only way this can occur is if the toolbar was not opted out during the install. If you dont opt out then it will try to install itself. I will pass this on to the company who wrote the installer incase they know of a issue.

However, a separate entry in add remove programs is added so users can uninstall the toolbar without needing to uninstall the program, its use is purely optional.

Let me know if you need clarification on this issue, and re-open it if needbe.


konglinda -> RE: Help make DVDInfoPro better with dvdinfomantis!!! (7/2/2010 3:27:17 AM)

There are many producs in the market ,but according to the use frequency,this product is the best choice, I bet you will have a suprising result,just have a try!

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