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rahzel -> flashing procedure (7/14/2005 3:32:37 AM)

when i flashed my NEC 3520, all i did was opened binflashGUI, flashed and rebooted.  I have a secondary slave (cd writer) running on the same IDE cable as my NEC 3520 and on the NEC site, it says to disable the slave before flashing.  It also says to power down your computer for 30-40 seconds before turning it back on.

is all this necessary?

MP3Mogul -> RE: flashing procedure (7/14/2005 5:19:17 AM)

Yes it sure is.  Always follow the instructions for flashing.

Flash -> RE: flashing procedure (7/14/2005 6:19:41 AM)

It is not always necessary and sometimes you will get away without doing all this.
But there is always the unknown factors about your configuration that may cause a system crash which could have been avoided if you had followed the simple instructions.

MP3Mogul -> RE: flashing procedure (7/14/2005 5:01:45 PM)



Yes it sure is.  Always follow the instructions for flashing.

rahzel -> RE: flashing procedure (7/14/2005 5:36:16 PM)

I recently had to RMA my NEC 3520 because every burn kept getting big PIF spikes and in transfer rate tests, i was getting dips in the graphs.  I got a new drive, flashed it to 3.04 with a slave drive enabled and now im having the same thing happen again.  I was thinking it was due to heat because my case temperatures get as high as 45c... i hope its not because of a bad flash... i re-flashed my NEC 3520 with only the NEC on the IDE cable just in case, do you think its too late?

edit: i flashed my NEC 3520 properly and now everything seems to be ok.

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