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zazzhere -> DL DVD PLAYER (7/12/2005 11:00:32 PM)

I have been burning dl dvd's and they don't work on my player. I am using a LACIE burner and I am using Toast 6 for burning. I was reading where you would burn it to dvd rom but that is for data on toast. Can anyone tell me what is a good player that will play dl dvd's and if there is a way that I could burn dvd's so that it will play on my player. I have an IMAC G5 (PANTHER).


Iggy -> RE: DL DVD PLAYER (7/13/2005 1:46:56 AM)

When you burn a DVD+R DL media as DVD-ROM only the booktype is different. If the burning process ends with a coaster this cannot be avoided this way.

A newer firmware for your burner would be a first solution. If you continue to have problems then get a different media brand.

As for players, my Pioneers can play flawessly all the DL I have burn with DVD-ROM booktype. I haven't try the opposite since the media are expensive and I don't have money for tests.[:D]

zazzhere -> RE: DL DVD PLAYER (7/13/2005 2:34:12 AM)

Are you saying to click on Data in toast and then check DVD-ROM to burn a movie.


Iggy -> RE: DL DVD PLAYER (7/13/2005 4:01:12 AM)

I mean that the writing failures you get is not a booktype issue. DVD-ROM booktype will increase only the compatibility. 

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