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Ash1701 -> DVDInfo Pro V4.21 Media Info Problem (6/30/2005 3:02:57 PM)

Greetings to all. I have a Sony DRU-700A burner, and I am using the latest version of DVDinfo Pro V 4.21.  When I select the MEDIA INFO button to see if the disc has the proper book type set to DVD-ROM which I selected, the program displays "Interrogating Drive" in the status window and seems to lock up at that point. If I use any other DVD drive on either my desktop or laptop, the MEDIA INFO button works properly. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time, Ash

Flash -> RE: DVDInfo Pro V4.21 Media Info Problem (6/30/2005 3:12:07 PM)

This problem usualy arrises when the drive has difficulty in reading the media. Try a diferant brand of media especialy one that is known to work in your drive.

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