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WinThusiast -> Microsoft Upgrades Windows for Handhelds (6/23/2005 8:12:27 AM)

The next version of Microsoft's flagship desktop operating system won't see release for at least another 14 months, but a new edition of the Windows Mobile OS for handhelds and smart phones is much closer to arriving. Windows Mobile 2005 (previously known by its code name, Magneto) should make its debut by fall, both in new devices and in for-pay upgrades to at least some existing Windows Mobile 2003 models.

The first major upgrade in almost two years, Windows Mobile 2005 offers improvements ranging from support for flash memory (which won't lose data when your handheld loses power) to more capable versions of Microsoft Office apps and a Windows Media Player upgrade. For enterprise customers with Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft has also announced an upgrade pack with instant messaging, synchronization, and security features. 

We'll know more when we test devices running the OS (Dell and HP have said they will offer the upgrade to owners of certain Windows Mobile 2003 devices sometime this summer, but have not said how much it will cost). But on paper at least, the upgrade seems promising. 

Portable Excel: Windows Mobile 2005 lets you create and edit spreadsheets. In the past, you could only view them. 

The Office changes should please people who've been frustrated by the rather haphazard formatting support for Excel and Word in their Pocket Office counterparts in earlier incarnations of Windows Mobile. Now known as Excel Mobile and Word Mobile, the new versions will allow you to create, edit, and view Excel spreadsheets, and to edit Word documents with graphics without disturbing the formatting of the original desktop documents. 

Outlook Mobile makes it easy for you to add a photo to a contact and then sync it to a desktop copy of Outlook (which has supported contact photos for a couple of years). A new PowerPoint Mobile application lets you view and rehearse (but not edit or create) PowerPoint presentations. 

Windows Mobile 2005 ships with Windows Media Player 10, which includes Microsoft's Janus digital rights management technology for playing copy-protected content from music and video services such as Musicmatch, Napster, and TiVoToGo. 

In addition to supporting flash memory, Windows Mobile 2005 supports landscape displays on smart phones and improved one-handed navigation on handhelds--reflections of Microsoft's commitment to making the phone and PDA versions of the OS more consistent. Also new: support for 3G networks and Wi-Fi on smart phones, plus the ability to easily enable technologies such as push-to-talk and videoconferencing. The OS also enhances support for Bluetooth (you can use it for stereo headsets, for example), USB 2.0, and integrated hard drives--items that will appeal to people who want to transfer lots of digital music files from PCs to their handhelds. 

Finally, Microsoft says it has improved security, including making Active Sync more hacker-resistant, supporting more-secure remote access features, and allowing users to limit Web access to secure sites. If it all works, Windows Mobile 2005 should be an upgrade worth getting.

Source : Yahoo News

hotrod11 -> RE: Microsoft Upgrades Windows for Handhelds (6/24/2005 6:17:09 PM)

Just curious.  I'm always looking to the future.  Any words about what MS is planning next?  And When 2006, 2007?

WinThusiast -> RE: Microsoft Upgrades Windows for Handhelds (6/24/2005 7:05:22 PM)

Hi hotrod11,

below you may find their Windows Server Products Roadmap...but if you had some other product in your mind....then go to (or some other Microsoft related website) and type "roadmap" or "windows roadmap" or...(got the point [:D]) into search field...i am sure you will find what you seek...[;)] And if not...just come back and tell me more details about what exactly from MS are you searching for? [:)]


hotrod11 -> RE: Microsoft Upgrades Windows for Handhelds (6/25/2005 7:48:04 AM)

Thanks.  But I was looking for info about Windows Mobile.

WinThusiast -> RE: Microsoft Upgrades Windows for Handhelds (6/25/2005 6:26:46 PM)

Oh...silly me...sorry...[8D]

Well, this one is harder, because I made some searches around and found nothing about their upcoming plans for all I can think of right now is....visit ActiveWin's homepage more often (cause they have many news about Windows and other Microsoft's products...along with many other software and hardware news and else...[;)])....and/or You may register/subscribe to Microsoft Mobile Newspaper which should provide You up-to-date news about Windows Mobile upcoming events and more...or...just od some old-fashioned searches around the web and see if You could find what You are searching for....thats it....[;)]

And finally....I will try to find out more info about their plans for future stay tuned here...[:)]

Ok? Happy? Or is there something else to add? [:D]

Rock onnnnnnnn

hotrod11 -> RE: Microsoft Upgrades Windows for Handhelds (6/26/2005 10:02:44 AM)

Thanks.  I did some searching at MS and couldn't find much either.  I just know I'm going to be in the market for a new PPC or smartphone next summer (2006) and I was just hoping to learn what MS has in store.  Other sources of good PPC news are Brighthand and PPCThoughts.

WinThusiast -> RE: Microsoft Upgrades Windows for Handhelds (6/26/2005 1:54:54 PM)

Thank You also for links! I checked them and must say that they offer many up-to-date PPC related (and many other) interesting news! [:)][;)]

And my advice...dont worry too much....if you plan to buy it in 2006....then there's still plenty of time left...I am sure you will get many more news about MS's plans before 2006 comes by.. [;)]

hotrod11 -> RE: Microsoft Upgrades Windows for Handhelds (6/26/2005 7:42:55 PM)

Oh, yeah, 2006 is a ways off.  But like I said, I'm a future looker, always looking ahead....the grass is always greener, etc.  I can definately say my next PPC is going to be a Cell/PPC combo of some sort.  No more lugging two seperate devices.

WinThusiast -> RE: Microsoft Upgrades Windows for Handhelds (6/27/2005 8:00:40 AM)

Very nice to hear that! All the people should be like that...positive...future looking....go go gooooooo...afterall we all deserve the best...[:D]

And once again...good luck with Your future buying...[;)]

Cya around.

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