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Bryan Crow -> Abit SV-1A (6/22/2005 6:43:32 PM)

I ordered an Abit SV-1A almost three months ago after reading CDRInfo's excellent review of it. I certainly don't blame the reviewer for his accurate description (other reviewers agree with his assessment), but my board doesn't recognize the Adaptec 3320SLP dual-channel SCSI controller I bought it for.
The card won't POST, so I can't set up a RAID 0 array with the Fujitsu Enterprise MAS3367NP HDDs that I bought to help break the Dragon NaturallySpeaking I/O bottleneck. With four 1GB Patriot DIMMs and an FX-55, I thought I could put together a machine to take advantage of DNS Version 8's accuracy. Trouble with Version 8 is that , while it's amazingly accurate, it usually doesn't display what it recognizes fast enough to edit as you go.
Abit doesn't answer my appeals for help. In fact, the tech support line gets you a "not a working number" announcement" now. None of its other phone lines--even corporate lines and the one for RMAs--answers either. And Abit no longer even shows the SV-1A on its site unless you sneak in a back door by way of a third-party search.
My dealer has at least spoken with human beings at Abit, and first, they said the Adaptec card must be faulty--but, stand-up outfit that Adaptec is, it immediately sent another controller, just in case. Neither card was faulty, of course. Then Abit told the dealer they were working to come up with a new BIOS. That was two months ago.
Have you other Abit motherboard users gotten help from Abit when you needed it? Or does anybody know of another Socket 939 board with at least one PCI-x slot?  I don't want a graphics card slot. I need a 64-bit slot for data that will accommodate an Ultra320 SCSI controller. I'd appreciate any advice anyone can offer.

Iggy -> RE: Abit SV-1A (6/23/2005 1:23:02 AM)

Please avoid double posts, it is better for everyone.[:)]

randomwanderer -> RE: Abit SV-1A (1/8/2006 5:39:11 AM)

I too have been looking for an entry level server board with a single socket 939 and one or more PCI-X slots and the SV-1A is pretty much the only one I've come across. Interestingly enough, there's no mention of said board on Abit's website. Only evidence that the board has ever existed is a pdf manual on Abit's ftp-site along with a few other manuals for AMD and Intel server boards. I wonder what has happened to these boards. Has Abit decided to drop out of the server board market or have they been pressured by Intel marketing dollars? :)

Come on now, mobo makers! We want socket 939 with PCI-X or at least PCI-Express 4x slots! :)

Antonio -> RE: Abit SV-1A (1/9/2006 2:02:55 AM)

I have read somewhere that this section of ABIT has closed down.[&o]

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