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scorpio -> Problem making DVD video disk (6/15/2005 1:26:51 AM)

I'm using PowerDirector (Cyberlink) and UleadStudio 8 for making DVD video disk from .AVI (DV PAL) and .MPEG files.
Problem is:
If I had 60 min. of video and make 60 min. at DVD after 30-40 min. sinchronization of video and audio is not good.
My audio is before video (when someone open mouth to say HELO I can hear that after 1 second).

Hardware configuration:
Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz
Kingston 512 MB DDR  (2x256)
Pioneer 108D
Maxtor 80 GB
Maxtor 40 GB
WinFast TV tuner

Iggy -> RE: Problem making DVD video disk (6/15/2005 2:48:23 AM)

I had a similar problem. Although I thought it was the encoding, finally I found out that it was my onboard VGA card that causes this. When I install a new one on AGP this solved.

scorpio -> RE: Problem making DVD video disk (6/16/2005 1:17:49 AM)

   What VGA card causes that. I have on this comp GForce 5200 LE. I will try with other card.
   Thanks Iggy ![:)]

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