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sunbird -> Greetings from darkest Africa (5/28/2005 2:11:12 AM)

Actually it's very light here - lots of sunshine! Glad be be here [image][/image]. I've been in the IT industry forever (>30 years) and now having fun building a home media center. Looked around at other cd/dvd forums and this one looked really cool.

So here's my first question: Trying to use Nero 6.6 (showtime) to play dvd with dolby 5.1 digital sound - Nero uses codec instead of the hardware codec on my sound card, and screws up the sound as a result. I there a way to get Nero to use the hardware instead??


Iggy -> RE: Greetings from darkest Africa (5/28/2005 6:53:23 AM)

Welcome Dude! Africa??? Excellent![:D]

Try PowerDVD or WinDVD.

sunbird -> RE: Greetings from darkest Africa (5/28/2005 7:02:41 AM)

Hey Iggy! PowerDVD works great but I'd still like to find out why Nero refuses to use my sound card's features. 

emperor -> RE: Greetings from darkest Africa (5/29/2005 5:29:10 AM)

welcome to our forums, i am sure the weather other Africa should be very good, at which town are you living?

sunbird -> RE: Greetings from darkest Africa (5/30/2005 2:39:57 AM)

I live in Johannesburg, the largest city in SA (egoli - "the city of gold"), population 3M+, best weather in the world! Lots of sunshine. Come visit. Much to see and enjoy


Iggy -> RE: Greetings from darkest Africa (5/30/2005 6:43:08 AM)

Wow, excellent!!!

jimbop14 -> RE: Greetings from darkest Africa (6/2/2005 2:40:20 PM)

Hey sunbird (or should that be suncity?) good to see a fellow bok on these forums. I myself am from Jo'berg, and still got some folks out there at the mo. Currently trying to get some summer work there perhaps in one of the game parks, if only to escape the 'lovely' uk weather!!

Sorry can't help much with the Q, just here for moral support! See u around on the forums.


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