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CoolBreeze -> ATI R520 - outstanding performance (5/20/2005 2:45:28 AM)

Here are the specs for ATI R520:

24 "Pipelines"
32 Texture Units
96 Arithmetic Logic Units (ALU)
192 Shader Operations per Cycle
700MHz Core
134.4 Billion Shader Operations per Second (at 700MHz)
256-bit 512MB 1.8GHz GDDR3 Memory
57.6 GB/sec Bandwidth (at 1.8GHz)
300-350 Million Transistors
90nm Manufacturing (nVidia will be using 110nm. Ths makes the ATI a holy-mother overclocker)
Shader Model 3.0
ATI HyperMemory
ATI Multi Rendering Technology (AMR)
Launch: Q2 2005
Performance: Over 3x Radeon X800 XT !!! (for single R520)
16x stochastic FSAA
FP32 blending, texturing
Programmable Primitive Processor/Tesselator

I got the following from Guru:
ATI is running working R520 silicon behind closed doors at their booth here at E3.
The R520, not the GPU in the upcoming Xbox 360 but rather the next-generation PC GPU, was running in an Intel PCIe system at ATI's booth.

The system was used to demonstrate Remedy's upcoming title called Alan Wake. The game itself was quite impressive, with an incredibly large and interactive environment, as well as some of the most impressive weather effects we'd ever seen. Alan Wake is designed for the next-generation consoles (e.g. Xbox 360 and PS3), and thus wasn't running perfectly smoothly on the R520 but performance was quite respectable.
We aren't expecting to see the official R520 launch until later this year and not at Computex, based on information we've been hearing from Taiwan. The fact that there is working R520 silicon at this point is important, as NVIDIA is sure to be talking quite a bit about their GF70 GPU at the show.
Unfortunately cameras weren't allowed in the Alan Wake demo room, so we couldn't capture the impressive demo or shots of the board running in the system. We also received word that Prey, another title using the Doom 3 engine, may have also been running on R520 silicon.
there are also some in-game screenshot to show the outstanding performance of the new R520. Here you go you geeks[;)]:
[image][/image] [image][/image] 
[image][/image] [image][/image] 


SiliconFreak -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (5/20/2005 5:07:56 AM)

Very nice!!! Thanks for info CoolBreeze....[:)][;)]

So I would need to sell some 2 or 3 shares of Google to buy one of this Shares remains...I believe I could live with that...because for this kind of performance....nothing is too much...[8D][:D]

And whats even more enjoying....imagine having 2 such cards combined in AMR...Nvidia and their SLI will be a history again....hahhahahahaha...go ATI gooooooooo....[;)]

eleajar -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (5/20/2005 6:17:34 AM)

the ATI's R520 will supports its own SLI-like technology, but there is no need to use the same cards. We will be able to use a high-end ATI with a low-end ATI card, to share the load. [;)]

Leibniz -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (5/26/2005 3:54:29 AM)

Are these PC screenshots or XBOX360?
I think they are XBOX because of their dimensions.

eleajar -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (5/30/2005 5:35:33 PM)

there are rumors that winXP 64bit are a headache for r520... only rumours of course, but who knows.

CoolBreeze -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (5/30/2005 5:40:58 PM)



Are these PC screenshots or XBOX360?
I think they are XBOX because of their dimensions.

[sm=18.gif]****, you're right. these were around for PC shots, but we were all fooled. [:@]Freakin lamers.[sm=16.gif]

eleajar -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (5/30/2005 5:46:05 PM)


ORIGINAL: CoolBreeze
Launch: Q2 2005

i don't think so[:'(][:'(][:'(][:'(][:'(][:'(]


ORIGINAL: CoolBreeze
Performance: Over 3x Radeon X800 XT !!! (for single R520)

come on u people. who believes these marketing tricks anymore[>:][>:][>:][>:][>:]

grain -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (5/31/2005 3:25:46 AM)

check this out:

Radeon Xpress 200 CrossFire ready motherboards from partners such as ASUS, DFI, ECS, GIGABYTE, MSI, PC Partner, Sapphire and TUL are designed with gamers in mind. They support both AMD and Intel platforms and have the overclocking and enthusiast-class features that gamers want such as high-definition audio, dual-core support as well as Gigabit Ethernet, SATA II with NCQ and RAID over PCI Express and they offer the broadest compatibility with high-performance system memory.
Customers will have plenty of options and flexibility in choosing graphics cards for their CrossFire systems. The Radeon X850 CrossFire Edition cards, with 256MB of graphics memory can be paired with any standard Radeon X850 based graphics card. The Radeon X800 CrossFire Edition graphics cards, which come with either 128 MB or 256 MB of graphics memory, can be paired with any Radeon X800 series graphics card. The standard Radeon X800 and Radeon X850 cards can be purchased new or can be ones the customer already has.

The standard and CrossFire Edition cards will be available from ATI and ATI graphics partners including ABIT, ASUS, Connect3D, Diamond, GeCube, GIGABYTE, HIS, MSI, Palit, Sapphire, TUL or VisionTek.

Moose1309 -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (5/31/2005 10:26:15 AM)



Are these PC screenshots or XBOX360?
I think they are XBOX because of their dimensions.

Many PC games already have the option for 16x9 resolutions, future ones certainly will. Just because of the dimensions it could be anything, even the current PS2 puts out 16x9 on a few new games.

Nice avatar Leibniz, that's one of the coolest villains ever in a movie. :)

eleajar -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (6/2/2005 5:34:26 PM)

my dearest forum-m8s, as you can see, R520 has 32 pipelines, 24 working !
Info by SiliconFreak (read the whole post here) :
It might be the only chip capable of doing H.264 video in hardware for a while, as we believe that not even Nvidia G70 will be able to do this. H.264 is next generation codec used for HD-DVD content. Despite that we heard more than once that R520 aka Fudo is the biggest chip ever built.

.........We wrote about this before but I don’t think ATI will decide about final pipe number until it seas Nvidia's G70, Geforce 7800GTX in action. ATI will have to choose between 24 pipeline part of the nasty decision of having all 32 pipes working at once. If R520 manages to defeat G70 ATI will stick to 24 pipes story and all will be happy in Toronto and ATI's part of Santa Clara. If G70 scores better then ATI will have to enable all 32 pipes. The real problem is that at 32 pipelines yields are not that good as we are talking about very complex chip...........

P.S.: i hope you don't mind silicon for quoting some of your info here[:)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ATI R520 - outstanding performance (6/3/2005 11:35:26 AM)

come on eleajar...why would i? [8D][:)]....surely i dont mind...its great to have all areas of forum covered with interesting info like this surely is....[;)]

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