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meshuggahfan -> img to dvd trouble.... (5/18/2005 3:23:04 PM)

Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to burning dvd's so I was hoping I could get some help here. I'm not computer illiterate so I'll understand what anyone who responds says.. OK, here's the problem....

I downloaded a movie in .rar format, unpacked it and it turned out to be in .img format. Ok fine, so I burned it onto a dvd using DVD Decrypter and eveything seemed to be going ok. I played the dvd in my dvd drive and it worked perfectly. I took it out and tried it in my dvd player expecting that I would have the same result but unfortunately I didn't. It played the movie but it was like I was playing a vhs and the tracking was shot. The movie and sound was playing but the picture was in black and white and it was scrolling up the screen over and over, through out the entire movie... has this ever happened to anyone else before? and why? I would appreciate any help I can get! I'd love for this problem to be solvable.


Flash -> RE: img to dvd trouble.... (5/18/2005 3:40:31 PM)

Your problem is that your output from your DVD player is mismatched to your TV one is PAL & the other is NTSC The format of the film is not being converted to the format of your TV. Check your manual for your DVD player and see if it can be set to output the same format as your TV. Most of the modern players have the option to output in PAL or NTSC or output the same format as the DVD video. This problem usually arises with the older TV sets as the modern ones are PAL/NTSC compatible.
You give no indication as to your country of origin or the TV format so I cannot be any more specific.

meshuggahfan -> RE: img to dvd trouble.... (5/18/2005 5:04:44 PM)

the tv is brand new and I'm in Canada.

Flash -> RE: img to dvd trouble.... (5/18/2005 7:06:02 PM)

Then your TV system is NTSC and the movie is PAL you need to check your DVD player to see if it can give NTSC output for the PAL video this will be in the setup as Video Mode or Video System (not to be confused with video output) sometimes it can be accessed by a remote control button usualy marked  P/N.
I am in the UK and my setup is reverse of yours so any movies I get that have been exported from the US are usualy NTSC and are wrong for my TV but the DVD player is setup to automaticaly convert the output to PAL. Only my most expensive player a SONY will not convert and on an older TV the output is in black & white with the frane out of sync.

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