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Guest -> GeForce7 (G70) (5/17/2005 9:54:22 AM)

I heard that the new GeForce7 will be introduced at Computex[:D]. I also heard that it will offer double the speed of GeForce6, but 110nm instead of 90nm ATI will be using!

Anyone know about this?[8|]

SiliconFreak -> RE: GeForce7 (G70) (5/17/2005 8:00:48 PM)

Yes, thats exactly what they said (un-officially)...but I also read somewhere, that "doubled performance" as they called that....doesnt necessarily mean that actual speed will double (i.e. that if some game gives you 100FPS now....that it will give you 200FPS with this new board)...thats not it...and from my personal point of view...I doubt very much that any manufacturer would (even if they had the chance) double their performance right away...and all that for those few extra $$$ way...they rather increase it maybe 10%....20%....or so much that they beat their competition for maybe 5-10%.....thats how this politics works...cause its better for them to i.e. release 4 models, each 25% faster that previous over longer period of time (or until competition catches them)...than to release 1 model 100% faster than previous... Because in first case (4x25% increase) they earn much more money than they would with (1x100%)...and since its all about money here....thats how it works....luckily for manufacturers, but sadly for buyers....[&:][:@] I guess that we need to sign some petitions fast....cause if we pay for shall deliver true performance....not just drops of water into the ocean...[8D][:D]

So to end this essay of mine...I doubt it would deliver twice the performance....I bet 1.000.000$ that it wouldnt (Ionian will You lend me that amount if I am wrong!?[:D][:)]).... And also...dont forget that its not official....maybe some toilet cleaner at Nvidia sold newspapers that story....and is now enjoying on some nice sunny island...and the rest of the world wonders the same as grain and us....[:D][;)] If my predictions are correct...then at the end...those G70 will be some 30-40% faster (at max) than 6800 (some say Ultra, some doesnt....but nevermind)....and...Nvidia could easily say...."hey...we didnt told You we would double the dont bother it is....G70....take it or leave it..." [:D][:D][:D] Maybe its time to wait for R520....little waiting cant hurt...not us...and even less, our pockets...[:)][;)]

Thats it...the end...(but dont be said...cause story continues...its "neverending story"...dont you never forget that....).

Bye folks...

Just something that came on my give You an example to proove my theory above...just look at Intel's "new Dual Cores" they offer better performance than some "old single core cpu"!? NOOOOOOOOO![&:] Are they cheaper because of that?? HE** NOOOOOOOOOOOO![:@] But...because they said they have lots of potential (dont know where personally, but hey...Intel said so...and companies like Intel dont it must be true...yeah right...[8D][:)][:D])....and because they will eventually make us all to buy them (because of lower support for single cores in the future - which is something they intentionally do to boost sales and profits [:@])...I guess we dont have any choices...either to stick with "NEW-SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA" products...or leave everything...and relocate to some remote Indonesian island (if there are any free ones left[:)])....

eleajar -> RE: GeForce7 (G70) (5/18/2005 9:27:31 AM)

i totally agree with silicon. My AMD3500 is manufactured in 2001. So, nVidia and ATI (like AMD or Intel) really have the technology to make a super fast GPU, but this would be unaccepted in terms of marketing and finance. So, we will always get a little more than before, but never too much.[:@]

I think that the R520 will follow this plan! The problem is that with great competition, prices are expected to fall, but this is not the case with nVidia and ATI, since they both sell as crazy[:(]

CoolBreeze -> RE: GeForce7 (G70) (5/19/2005 5:48:23 AM)

i guess that both G70 and R520 will be released together

grain -> RE: GeForce7 (G70) (5/19/2005 9:00:15 AM)

i think that the G70 will follow R520, so ATI will be the first in the market

CoolBreeze -> RE: GeForce7 (G70) (5/20/2005 2:27:40 AM)

  • 0.11 micron process TSMC
  • 430Mhz core / 1.4GHz 256MB GDDR3 memory
  • 256-bit memory interface
  • 38.4GB/s memory bandwidth
  • 10.32Bps Fill Rate
  • 860M vertices/second
  • 24 pixels per clock
  • 400MHz RAMDACs
  • NVIDIA CineFX 4.0 engine
  • Intellisample 4.0 technology
  • 64-bit FP texture filtering & blending
  • NVIDIA SLI Ready (7800 GTX only[:@])
  • DX 9.0 / SM 3.0 & OpenGL 2.0 supported
  • G70 comes with 3 models;  GTX, GT and Standard
  • Single card requires min. 400W PSU with 12V rating of 26A
  • SLI configuration requires min. 500W PSU with 12V rating of 34A
  • Launch : 22nd of June
I am also quoting the following from Softpedia:
nVidia will present the next generation of GPUs (graphics processing unit) with SLI support during the Computex Taipei event, organized between May 31 and June 4 in Taiwan.

Sources close to the producer have pointed out that NVidia G70 will offer triple performances compared to the most powerful video solution, the
GeForce 6800. The new series of G70 cards will be built on 0.11 microns by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). ATI has chosen the 90

nanometer graving technology for its R520 graphic processors.

Motherboard producers had to sign a confidentiality agreement with nVidia, and so, no information regarding the new graphics chip has been made public. Of course, nVidia was not too eager to enlarge on the subject, the producer being well-known for its strategy to avoid any comments about products that have not been released yet.

Still, there is information pointing out the second half of the third quarter as the retailing date of the G70 model; the announced price is 549 USD.

Today, nVidia found out that starting with August 1 it won’t produce anymore graphic solutions for
Xbox, Microsoft ceasing production of the Xbox console and focusing only on the Xbox 2.

For nVidia, the collaboration with Microsoft meant excellent publicity and substantial profits. In the last time though, the company has approached new domains, and Microsoft is not anymore among the 10 most important clients of the graphic solution producer
don't know if the specs are correct, and if the source is reliable. I got the from a chinese site, this one

CoolBreeze -> RE: GeForce7 (G70) (5/20/2005 2:34:11 AM)

to easily compare G70 with R520, here are the specs of ATI upcoming GPU:

24 "Pipelines"
32 Texture Units
96 Arithmetic Logic Units (ALU)
192 Shader Operations per Cycle
700MHz Core
134.4 Billion Shader Operations per Second (at 700MHz)
256-bit 512MB 1.8GHz GDDR3 Memory
57.6 GB/sec Bandwidth (at 1.8GHz)
300-350 Million Transistors
90nm Manufacturing (nVidia will be using 110nm. Ths makes the ATI a holy-mother overclocker)
Shader Model 3.0
ATI HyperMemory
ATI Multi Rendering Technology (AMR)
Launch: Q2 2005
Performance: Over 3x Radeon X800 XT !!! (for single R520)
16x stochastic FSAA
FP32 blending, texturing
Programmable Primitive Processor/Tesselator

[sm=17.gif]I already started a new thread about R520 here:

eleajar -> RE: GeForce7 (G70) (5/31/2005 12:11:01 PM)

and now, for some pics:



CoolBreeze -> RE: GeForce7 (G70) (6/4/2005 11:59:10 AM)

to eleajar: this is only an engineering sample manufactured in January 2005. Words say that the final version of the chipset will perform much better than these ENG samples performed[>:]

power supply needed is also known to be huge[:@][:@][:@]
i read somewhere something like 150watts for a single G70 card. Maybe nVidia should give away some PSUs with every G70 cards[:@][&o][&o][X(][:(]

P.S.: since nVidia uses 110nm architecture, these new boards should have a pretty noisy fan, while ATI's 90nm R520 will run cooler

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