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Iggy -> Hello from me too! (5/12/2005 4:04:04 AM)

Hello guys,

I am 29 years old, olmost married[:D] and I like everything with PCs. I am in this Forum and generally involved with PCs for about a year. My knowledge is not too large but I like to share my thoughts with other people. If I have even a small clue on your issue I will try to help you.

I am happy to be hear.[:)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: Hello from me too! (5/12/2005 6:28:57 AM)

Hello everyone,

    I'm a male, in my "golden years", married, 4 children, and I've been involved with computers from the very beginning, back to around 1980.

    I'm a IT Dept head for a very large corporation in the USA.

Iggy -> RE: Hello from me too! (5/12/2005 12:27:23 PM)

Four children? Well done M8.[:D][;)]

emperor -> RE: Hello from me too! (5/15/2005 3:47:20 PM)

i assume 4 future cdrinfo readers? hehe [:)]

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