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ton -> DVD (10/20/2001 6:05:32 AM)

Hello I like to burn my AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS which
I placed on my harddisk to DVD disc. All my
efforts didn't succeed what I do wrong?
The DVD's don't play on my home JVC player.
With the DVD-it! application I succeed, but not
when I transfer this files from hard disk
(burner is Pioneer A03)

john -> RE: DVD (10/20/2001 9:02:41 PM)

You need to author the project at UDF/ISO project...

With which software you burned the disc?

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ton -> RE: DVD (10/21/2001 6:51:57 AM)

Hello thanks for the answer
I got the application VOB instant CD/DVD with the Pioneer hardware.
Also I tried the demo version of NERO 5.5, but didn't
succeed. I burned on a CD-RW. In the computer it works
but the home JVC player didn't play. Is it looking
to a region code or something like that? I don't know
cause I am a beginner.

john -> RE: DVD (10/21/2001 8:34:39 AM)

Dunno. You said you burned in a CD-RW or in a DVD-RW?

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ton -> RE: DVD (10/21/2001 10:43:21 AM)

thanks all for the interest
I burned a DVD-RW 4,7GB
I used now ISO and UDF 1.02 with the
application INSTANT CD, but didn't succeed.
In POWER DVD I got everytime an error 89020003
but the disk is OK. Strange. I think I use a
wrong application or so. Also NERO 5,5 the
demo version won't work.
kind regards

john -> RE: DVD (10/22/2001 9:52:13 AM)

Try also GearDVD Pro...We didn't had any problems.

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ton -> RE: DVD (10/23/2001 5:04:48 AM)

thanks for the answer, where can
I download GearDVD?

john -> RE: DVD (10/23/2001 10:10:09 AM)


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ton -> RE: DVD (10/28/2001 7:32:52 AM)

Hello John and others, I tried Nero, VOB and Gear
Copying my DVD goes well, but burning my AUDIO_TS
and VIDEO_TS from harddisk to DVD stays a problem
The maps are burned but the DVD player won't start
the disc. I used the UDF/ISO option, M.Juliet unchecked,
ADD Fileversion checked, UDF 1.02, MAX 8 dir.levels unchecked.

What the hell is going wrong? I used a Pioneer A03 (update 1.55)

ton -> RE: DVD (11/1/2001 3:59:27 AM)

Burning your AUDIO and VIDEO_TS is possible to make first an image of your DVD. But simply drag the two folders into an UDF/ISO project and press the WRITE-button seems not the solution. The DVD will play on your computer but not in a standalone home DVD player. The question is what you have to do to make this working.

Michael Lee -> RE: DVD (11/26/2001 12:21:06 AM)

I wonder if your home dvd deck supports RW media. I know for a fact that certain Dvd players don't support cdr and cdrw media. Can it be your dvd deck don't support rw media

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ton -> RE: DVD (12/2/2001 4:28:48 PM)

Yes I have the JVC latest model

CCampbell -> RE: DVD (12/3/2001 9:59:55 PM)

If you use Nero, be sure to select the DVD Format, and then the DVD UDF/ISO standard. The drag over AUDIO_TS
and VIDEO_TS data and burn to DVD-RW, or DVD+RW media.



mr_kite -> RE: DVD (4/2/2002 5:12:44 PM)

I have a Toshiba DVD Player and am having similar problems, some dvd's will start others won't. I've tried both Nero, and Instant DVD with success and failures on both; some disks seem not to play when ripped to hd others work just fine and burn in either program on dvd-rw disks. Is there something I can fix in ifoedit? It seems like these disks can tell they are on a ripped DVD maybe the DVD label must also match? (I just thought of that as I was writing this

Mister Kite

CCampbell -> RE: DVD (4/5/2002 4:20:33 PM)

Hi Ton,

As a test, could you burn to DVD-R media and see if you have better results at playback?

As long as you select the DVD (UDF/ISO) setting, and drag over the files and burn to CDR, CDRW, DVD, etc it should work. And as long as you do not get any error messages with Nero. I do this all the time.

But you mention DVD-RW media, and this could be the probelm. Try using CDR or CDRW media if the Video is small enough. If not, then try DVD-R media.



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