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Y2Jared -> C1 Error Rates (6/22/2003 11:18:48 PM)

I know RJW has his standards of avg 3 C1 errors and quite understandably no C2's. What is good and what isn't?

Like 1-10 = Quite Good?
10-20 = Alright?

Or whats the case for you guys with error rates of C1's.

john -> RE: C1 Error Rates (6/23/2003 2:49:17 AM)

The lower the better, that is a standard [;)]

Y2Jared -> RE: C1 Error Rates (6/23/2003 9:57:21 AM)

lol, I know :)

Im just asking like when I should be concerned at and whats an ok average.

I know lower is better John, jeez, you take it like i dont look up on these things. [:p]

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: C1 Error Rates (6/23/2003 11:25:08 AM)

That is a VERY difficult to answer question!

I've had CD-Rs with averages in the 50s-100's (C1 errors, no C2 errors) that were completely readable, but personally I wouldn't trust media like that for very long!

ant -> RE: C1 Error Rates (6/23/2003 1:33:23 PM)

In theory, and judging the integrity of the recorded data, I suppose that the lower C1 rate the better it is. However, most of the readers are tolerant to those errors, so the output is not practicaly influenced.

I aggree with Dolphinius that high C1 rate in a fresh copy could be a problem after a period of time, depending on the storage conditions of the discs of course, since the enviromental conditions (high temperatures,e.t.c) could also make the disc more picky to read errors.

rjw -> RE: C1 Error Rates (6/23/2003 6:24:58 PM)

The results I take in account with CD Docter + Lite On 48246S will allways match above 90 points with CDA-3000 analyzer. According to the European magazines who use these things and the companny who makes these things this should mean that a disc is good. For this reason this was setup as my personal standard. But if there finally would be the standard which (and some people are working on this!)
would tollerate a higher error rate for my combination then I will lower my standards.

aviationwiz -> RE: C1 Error Rates (7/6/2003 8:25:15 AM)

Sorry to dig up old threads but...

I like to think of it like this...

0-1 C1 Average=Good
1-2 C1 Average=OK
2+ C1 Average=Crap

C2 Error=Throw out disk

klopz -> RE: C1 Error Rates (7/6/2003 1:26:32 PM)

Can someone please explain what are C1/C2 errors and how can you check for them on cd-r's? is this check preformed on blank cd-r or after you burn it?


rjw -> RE: C1 Error Rates (7/6/2003 2:18:12 PM)

Note the standard I posted is based for a Lite On 48246S writer.
(In [plextools I do accept c2 to some point but no CU)

C1/C2 can be measured with tools like(software- drives that work with it)
WSES - Lite On
CD Docter - Lite On/SANYO drives/ some ASUS/AOPEN models if I am correct
K-probe - Lite On (some ASUS drives)
Plextools - Plextor

For Plextools
C1 are the errors corrected by the first mechanism
C2 are the errors corrected by the second mechanism
CU is unreadable.

Lite On /SANYO
C1 = Corrected at first error correction level.
c2 = uncorrectable errors.

For more detailed and complete info check the articles about writing qualtiy on the main site.

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