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kpg -> win 98 and 4 gig file problem (5/22/2003 3:39:36 PM)

has ne1 been sucsessful in backing up thier dvds in win98 se

win 98 has a limit of 4gigs for file sizes -- so i was not able to create images on the hard drive nor was i able to do a on the fly copy -- is there a fix for this or a work around -- like choping up the file ( i read somewhere that said you shouldnt chop up the file)

Tron -> RE: win 98 and 4 gig file problem (5/23/2003 3:50:21 AM)

That is because it is FAT32 and so there is a limit on the size the file can be. NTFS does not have this limit. I get around this by using Pintical Instant Copy, or DVDXCopy. With these softwares you can back up those DVDs......

khokon1350 -> RE: win 98 and 4 gig file problem (12/26/2003 9:01:41 AM)

Hi kpg

Why do you want to back up through an image file which is too large for handling with Fat32?

All files on a DVD are max 1GB and there are many free softwares to help you first get those files on your HD and then get them on a DVD Video Compliant form on a DVD-R/DVD+R through suitable DVD burning software. Nero is an excellent burning software.

I would suggest that you go to to get all necessary info, software links and guides to carry out your back up task.

Best of luck and happy viewing

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