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SHOCKDOCK -> horizontal motion - please help! (2/19/2005 7:57:05 PM)

two part question -
Using nero vision express 2 - ive tried burning certain avi files to dvd (dvd player Sony - dual layer, very new) using NTSC mode (im in the US) then when this did'nt work repeated using PAL - both result in my ability to play them on my computer, but when played on my home DVD player (pioneer) the dvds do play, but the picture moves vertically - ie like the vertical hold needs to be adjusted on a bad television - an unbelievably dizzying effect - can someone advise me on whats occuring and how to rectify this problem? -
Secondly, using Nero express - it takes between 3-4 hours to transcode and burn a 6MB avi file using "automatic quality" setting and "2-pass VBR"- is this normal or excessive - if excessive how do I hasten this process? - Thank you in advance

Flash -> RE: horizontal motion - please help! (2/20/2005 6:14:15 AM)

Cannot give you a solution but can give you the cause.
You have an NTSC/PAL mismatch.
It is not a simple process to convert from one format to another and get stable results, You need to look into more advanced program then Nero Vision Express to do your transitions.

tqhoang -> RE: horizontal motion - please help! (2/20/2005 7:59:53 AM)

I've had trouble just using Nero to convert from PAL -> NTSC. Reason is that my Pioneer DVD changer can only play NTSC DVD's...but for VCD & SVCD it can play PAL or NTSC.

My solution was to use DVD2AVI (to pseudo-demultiplex audio & video) and then TMPGEnc Plus (to convert to an NTSC DVD MPEG-2 file). Since you have an AVI file as your input you can try using VSO's DivXtoDVD which might do the job for you (since it takes AVI files as input).

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