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Monday, May 03, 2004
BenQ DW822A

4. DVD reading tests

BenQ DW822A 8X Dual - Page 4

DVD reading tests

- Single Layer DVD-ROM (Click for CDSpeed results)

To check the reading performance of the BenQ with single layer DVD-ROM, we used NeroCDSpeed and the 820A test disc by Abex.

The screenshot above shows that the drive returned the fastest end and average reading speeds. The drive read the disc under CAV, and the task finished with an end speed of 12.51x

On the full seek tests, the 172ms for the full seek of the BenQ was the fastest of the comparison. With random and 1/3 seek times, the LiteOn returned the fastest access time, and the Aopen the slowest while BenQ was second with quite acceptable times.

- Dual Layer PTP DVD-ROM (Click for CDSpeed results)

The two layers of a PTP DVD-ROM disc are read sequentially, with the drive starting the read process from the inner tracks on the disc, where lies the beginning of each layer and progressing outwards towards to the outer tracks for each layer. The tools for this test are Nero CDSpeed and Abex 840 test disc.

NeroCDSpeed reported that the dual layer DVD-Rom was read under CAV by the BenQ with fast end and average speeds at the end of each layer. The average reading speed of the LiteOn at 6.28x was the fastest of the comparison.

The BenQ performed very fast on the seek times test, with full seek at 170ms. Although both the LiteOn and BenQ needed about the same time for both single layer and dual layer DVD-Roms seeks, the Aopen proved slower with the dual layer disc.

- Dual Layer OTP DVD-ROM

The first layer of an OTP dual layer DVD-ROM is read exactly the same way as the first layer of the PTP disc we tested previously. The difference here is the reading strategy of the second layer on the disc. The beginning of the second layer is located in the outer part of the disc, so the drive starts reading from the outer tracks inwards towards the inner tracks of the disc.


The reading performance of the BenQ was smooth throughout the test. The software reported fast end speed and fast seek times under CAV reading strategy.

- DVD Ripping Tests

We measured the DVD-Video ripping speed for the BenQ using the latest version of DVD Decrypter. The DVD Video title is the "Matrix" pressed DVD-Video.

The above graph shows that the BenQ and LiteOn drives finished the ripping process with similar average speeds. According to the DVD Decrypter log file, the BenQ drive finished the ripping process with a maximum read rate of 11.210 KB/s (8.1x)

- DVD Recordable / Rewritable reading Tests

The chart below shows the Nero CDSpeed average reading speed results for the following formats with media from MC:

Just like the previous tested DVD-Roms where BenQ proved to be fast, the reading performance with all writable and rewritable DVD reading tests was again very fast. As shown in the above graphs, the drive returned the fastest average reading speed for all formats except +RW where it was only marginally slower than the LiteOn.

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