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Monday, December 17, 2001
CyQve RW8080A FireWire CD-RW

3. RW/CloneCD Tests

CyQ've RW8080A- Page 3

RW reading tests

- Nero CD Speed v0.84 Test: (CyQ've RW8080A CD Speed graphs)

For the RW tests, we used TDK's HS-RW media. Especially for CyQ've RW8080A, we used a 2x-4x CD-RW by Plextor, since the drive does not support writing of HS-RW media. The TEAC CD-RW280PU has its reading speed locked to 8x (CLV) with HS-RW media, while PleXWriter goes from 7X-10X and is actually slower. CyQ've RW8080A gets the first place with 10.49X, and finished the reading at 13.79X.

CloneCD Reading Tests

- Procedure

We used CloneCD (v3.2.3.1) and 5 original CDs - Euro 2000 (SafeDisc 1), No One Lives For Ever (SafeDisc 2), Rally Masters (LaserLock 1), Desperados (LaserLock 2) and V-Rally 2 Expert (SecuROM 2) - in order to test the reading performance of CyQ've RW8080A . We also tested its reading performance with backups of the original CDs, since the reading speed varies between the original and the backup media. The following pictures show reading/writing capabilities of the drive. The drive is not compatible with RAW-DAO mode and also does not support any anti-coaster technology. As you will see in the following CloneCD tests, the produced backups by CyQ've RW8080A did not play in any drive we tested.

- SafeDisc 1/2 Results

PleXWriter PX-S88TU is a great performer with SD1 protected CDs. The drive needs only 3.3mins to finish the task and skips errors very fast. TEAC CD-RW280PU skips errors very slowly and needs 48mins to end the task. CyQ've RW8080A takes the second place, but the produced backup cannot be used.

With SafeDisc v2.0 protected CDs, the PleXWriter PXS88TU showed a strange behavior. With our normal test disc (NOLF), the drive needed over one hour to make the image. The bad news was that the drive kept reporting bad sectors than the actual ones (which ended at 10041). We made another test with "Max Payne" original CD, and this time the drive needed only 4mins to make the image but again reported more bad sectors than the actual ones. With backup CD, the drive didn't show any problem. The TEAC CD-RW280PU continues to skip error slowly and needs 45mins to end the task. CyQ've RW8080A needed 19:22:00 to finish.

- LaserLock 1/2 Results

In the LaserLock protected CDs test, the TEAC CD-RW280PU is faster than the PleXWriter, at least with the original CD. With the backup CD, the PleXWriter easily outperforms the TEAC. CyQ've RW8080A seems to be a faster reader than Teac, but the produced backup does not work, as mentioned before. Remember that LaserLock errors are very hard for any drive to skip.

With LaserLock 2 protected CDs, the TEAC seems faster, again with the original CD. CyQ've RW8080A gave the second best performance. PleXWriter gets a revenge and ends first with the backup CD.

- SecuROM Results

CyQ've RW8080A ended the task fast but the backup does not work in the most readers. TEAC CD-RW280PU is a lot faster than PleXWriter with both pressed/backup CDs.

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