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Thursday, November 24, 2005
Arctic-Cooling Freezer 64 PRO

3. Performance

To measure the CPU's temperature we used SpeedFan v4.26, which provided us with real time monitoring and created a graph of the temperature over time. After letting the processor run in an idle state for 5~6 minutes, we fired up Prime95 and ran the In-place large FFT test to raise the temperature to its maximum level. The room temperature at the time of the tests was around 22°C. Below is the graph of the temperature with the stock cooling system for the AMD 3500+.

The stock cooling system of AMD...
and its reported fan speed...

With the AMD stock cooling system installed, the temperature of the CPU starts at 35°C in idle mode and reaches 52°C peak with Prime95 running. The rotation speed of the fan is 3125~3185 rpm and produces a satisfactory noise level.

After installing the Freezer 64 PRO, we waited again for a few minutes in "idle" state and then we started the FFT torture test once more...

With the Freezer 64 PRO installed this time...
and the RPM graph...

Even from the outset, the Freezer 64 PRO shows how good it is. The temperature in idle is around 32~33°C while under heavy load it reaches 44°C. In a gaming environment, the CPU will never be put under the load of the Prime95 torture test. So you can imagine the difference 8°C makes under full load.


For our tests, we used the ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE motherboard and the CMX512-3200XL DDR modules from Corsair.

The default settings for our AMD 3500+ were 11 x 200MHz = 2200GHz. From the BIOS, we overclocked the processor in two steps. First at 2.64GHz and afterwards at 2.70GHz. The voltage for the CPU was set at 1.664v in both cases. At these speeds, the system was able to boot and even ran the Prime95 torture test and SiSoft Sandra tests for the CPU and memory.

As you can see, there wasn't a problem overclocking the AMD. The performance of the Freezer 64 PRO was very good even with the 3500+ running at 2.70GHz. Note however, that the Freezer 64 PRO cannot guaranty the condition of your processor when overclocked. We posted these profiles only for reference reasons.

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