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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Club3D Volari V3XT

2. Features

Main Features
Memory Brand/Model Hynix HY5DU561622CT-5 (5ns)
Memory Type 128 MB 128-bit DDR
Engine Clock Speed 250MHz
Memory Clock Speed 200MHz (400MHz effective)
Memory Bandwidth 3.2 GB/sec
Pixel Pipelines 2
Vertex Pipelines 1
Fill rate 0.5 Giga pixels /sec
DX Support 9.0
OpenGL Support 1.5
Output VGA / DVI-I / D-Sub
Bus AGP 4X/8X
Processing technology 0.13 micron

The Volari V3XT is built using XGI's XG42 processor. The XG42 features two pixel pipelines and 1 Vertex engine. The stock clock frequency is 250MHz for the GPU and just 200MHz for the memory, resulting in a fill rate of 0.5Gp/s and memory bandwidth equal to 3,200 MB/s.

Even though the Volari V3XT is a budget graphics card, it is anything but featureless. Surprisingly, it fully supports DirectX 9.0 and not in the way the 9200 does (just DX9 compatible) but can render all the impressive DX9 effects. However, the performance is exceptionally slow and you'll notice it in our first few benchmarks.

Here's a table containing some of the cards features as provided by XGI:

TruShader 2.1 Engine
Volari V3XT processors employ XGI's next generation TruShader 2.1 Engine, taking vertex and pixel shading to a new level of realism. Combine this with built-in DirectX® 9 programmability and 3D environments now come alive with cinematic realism and movie-studio quality effects.
BroadBahn Memory Architecture
Volari V3XT processors take advantage of XGI's proprietary BroadBahn Memory Architecture, moving a staggering amount of data between the processor and graphics board memory.
Cipher Video Processor
Volari V3XT supplies the advanced de-interlacing technology. Video files play with a smooth, flicker-free and fluid motion that amazes even industry professionals.
ControlDeck Software of Volari V3XT supplies a single interface. Users can manage powerful software programs including DesktopPlus, Rotech, Navigator and so on.
Blazing-fast PCI Bus Interface
- 32-bit PCI local bus standard Revision 2.2 compliant
- True AGP2.0 & AGP3.0 Compliant configuration setting
- Hardware auto detect for AGP1.0, AGP2.0 or AGP3.0 mode support
Octa-pipe 3D Engine
- Extreme High performance 256-bit 3D engine
- High order surface tessellation
- Optimized hardware geometry transform/lighting/setup engine
- Compatible with DirectX 9.0 Vertex Shader ver. 2.0
- Fully compliant with DirectX9.0 Pixel Shader ver. 2.0
- 2 sets of high performance pixel rendering pipelines
- Supports Bump Mapping, Mipmapped Cubic Mapping and Volume Texture supports flat and Gouraud shading
- Supports 2-side stencil
- 2X/4X full scene anti-aliasing(FSAA)
Ultimate Performance 2D Engine
- Hardware command queue
- High-speed Direct Draw Accelerator
- Hardware GDI 2000 Accelerator
- Source read-buffer to minimize engine wait-state
- Built-in destination read-buffer to minimize engine wait-state
High Definition TV-OUT Solution with XV301
- PAL and NTSC Systems
- Composite, S-Video, and Component RGB Output Signals
- Macrovision Copy Protection Process Rev. 7.1.L1
- HDTV 480i/480p/1080i/720p YPbPr Output Signals
- A single link TMDS transmitter with excellent scaling capability for TFT LCD panel display
MPEG-2 Video Decoder
- MPEG-2 MP@ML standards compliant
- Supports up to 20 Mbit/sec bit rate decoding
- Hardware Motion Compensation & IDCT
Video Accelerator
- YUV-to-RGB color space conversion
- Bi-linear video interpolation with integer increments of 1/2048
- Complete graphics and video overlay function
- Hardware video decoder interface
- Independent VBI capture
- Supports DVD sub-picture playback overlay
- Built-in independent Gamma correction RAM
Proprietary Cipher Video Processor
- 5 fields per-pixel motion detection de-interlace function, video sources from MPEG decoder, Video capture and AVI interfaces
- Down scaling function and scaling vector as 1/2, 1/4
- Next generation de-interlaced and 1/2 down scaling function
Display Memory Interface
- Supports DDR SDRAM up to 128MBytes memory
High Integration
- Programmable 24-bit true-color RAMDAC up to 400 MHz pixel clock
- Built-in VIP interface
- VESA Plug & Display for PanelLink Interface
- Built-in Thermal Diode for GPU Security-Update
- Supports 32K/64K/128K Bytes ROM decoding
- Supports 20MHz SPI ROM interface 720-balls 31mm x 31mm PBGA package

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