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Appeared on: Friday, June 04, 2004
AMF CD/DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator 3.8

1. Introduction

AMF CD/DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator 3.8 - Page 1


The AMF CD/DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator 3.8 is a low cost package for Word for Windows designed to create, replace, and/or improve upon the inserts that are found in CD and DVD jewel boxes, as well as to create professional adhesive CD and DVD labels of all sorts. This package can help you make double sided inserts, booklets, including back covers with side spines. In addition, you can also create CD/DVD Envelopes.

Software Information

Title: CD Jewel Case and Label Creator
Author: Andrew Freeman
Company: AMF Software
System Requirements: Microsoft Word & Windows 3.1x/9x/ME/NT 3.x/NT/XP/2000/MAC 68k/Mac PPC
License: Shareware (30 days trial, registration costs $15)

Features in brief

- Easy to use -- if you can use Word you can make beautiful Jewel Cases, CD Booklets and Labels.
- Use it to make DVD Labels, too!
- Supports industry standard label layout formats including those from Avery, Neato, Stomper, HP, Kyso, 3-Up and many more!
- Create custom CD and DVD envelopes with the included CD/DVD Envelope template. Create custom media envelopes like the professionals!
- Make covers that really will wow your customers -- for a fraction of the cost of the local printer!
- Add custom graphics, logos, line drawings, or even scanned in pictures.
- Makes the front, inside, back, and spine covers. Or create a booklet insert (in 4, 8 or more pages).
- Also creates CD Labels for printing on adhesive label sheets -- design professional labels for media distribution, demo audio CDs, and so much more.
- Supports world famous Kyso Labels, including Mini Business Card CDRs, 80mm Mini CDRs, and the 5511 Series.
- Supports mini Business Card CD Label sheets.
- Create DVD Case Inserts with a special template designed just for DVD cases!
- Perfect for any CD jewel case (also supports Avery 8943 and similar Jewel Cases).
- Perfect for small batches or any quantity.
- Includes over 10 custom templates to meet ANY design need.
- Quick and easy -- you can create custom covers in just a few minutes.
- Works great with color laser and inkjet printers.
- Super Results -- almost no effort required for a great looking, professional output.

2. Installation/Configuration

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Installation is pretty straightforward. The installer will automatically detect the installation folder of Microsoft Word, and place the necessary files there. The installation of the software is done on a per user basis, meaning that only the currently logged on user will be able to use it. This can be fixed though during the installation by changing the installation path. This step though, should be attempted only if you know what you?re doing in order to get a working installation. Another thing that might need attention during installation is Microsoft Word?s security settings regarding macro execution. You might get a security warning, and in that case you should allow the macros to be executed.

After installation, there is no configuration you have to go through in order to get things up and running. You?re ready to start creating your CD/DVD labels! A detailed user?s guide accompanies the software, covering the aspects of installation, and some extra details about each template should you need to customize them further.

Working with the software

To get things under way, all we need to do is open Microsoft Word and create a new document using the File, new menu. We are then presented with the different templates that crdlabel supports. A total of 19 templates are included. Among others, it supports industry standard label layout formats including those from Avery, Neato, Stomper, HP, Kyso, 3-Up and Memorex. So we don?t have to measure things in order to align our text with the preprinted labels. Most of the templates are characterized as CD labels, but they can also be used to create DVD labels, as someone would expect.

After we choose the type of label we wish to create, a new document is opened. A thing we notice is that there is an extra toolbar added, which controls some of the features we can add to our labels. Most of the icons will be already familiar to an experienced Microsoft Word user, like insert a textbox, a picture, clipart, a drawing. If we want to create a label for an audio CD, there is a pretty handy feature that can search and download from the Internet the CD?s title and the list of tracks that you can afterwards paste into the label. 

The advantage of the labels being embedded as a Microsoft Word template is that we have absolute freedom with what we can create for our labels. We can use all the tools already available in Microsoft Word?s arsenal. The only limit is each one?s imagination.

In the next section, we take the software out for a spin, and we create some of our own labels. Read on?..

3. Making a Label

AMF CD/DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator 3.8 - Page 3

Making a Label

We chose the template ?CD Jewel case? and started working on our label. As an example, we are created a label for Natalie Imbruglia?s ?White Lilies Island? album.







Track titles were downloaded from the Internet using the software's built in tool. The whole process of creating the label was a matter of a very few minutes, and with great ease.

4. Conclusion

AMF CD/DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator 3.8 - Page 4


The CD/DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator is an easy to use and simple solution for your CD/DVD label needs. Using the Microsoft Word environment, it allows the user to create labels using the already built-in tools, so no need to learn any new functionality. Industry standard label layout formats are supported as well which is a plus.

While simple to use, CD/DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator is missing some advanced features it would be good to have. The process for creating a label for an Audio CD could be more streamlined, like in a form of a step-by-step wizard. Moreover, if you have a data CD/DVD (for example programs you have downloaded from the internet, a software/mp3 collection, or a CD full of clip art) there is no support for importing the folder contents of the CD/DVD into the layout of the label. Apart from that, CD/DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator is a good software for its money. It's shareware, so you can first try it to see if it fits your needs before you decide to buy it.



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