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Appeared on: Monday, April 19, 2004
CyberDrive DX122D

1. Package - Installation

CyberDrive DX122D PREVIEW - Page 1


CyberDrive DX122D is the first internal IDE DVD+R/RW recorder that can burn a disc at 6:00min. This is the first drive capable of 12x DVD recording. This device is also capable of 4x DVD+RW, 32x CD-R and 24x US-RW recording while can reads CD with speed up to 40x and DVD-ROM at 12x.


CyberDrive provide 12x recording speed for DVD+R and DVD+RW media. Also uses an advance tilt stabilizing technology to lower jitter level. Buffer underrun protection is also supported, but it doesn`t support DVD-RAM media.


ATAPI (E-IDE), PIO Mode 4, MW DMA mode 2, Ultra DMA mode 2

Usable CD Formats CD-DA, CD-ROM (Mode 1 &2), CD-ROM XA, mixed mode, Photo CD, Video CD / Super Video CD, Enhanced CD, CD-Plus, CD-Text
Usable DVD Formats DVD-Video (Single/Dual layer), DVD-ROM (Single/Dual layer), DVD+R, DVD+RW
Writing CD mode:

CD-R & CD-RW: Disc-at-Once, Track-at-Once, Session-at-Once, Packet Writing

Writing DVD mode: DVD+R & DVD+RW: Disc-at-Once, Multi-Border for DVD-R/RW
DVD, CD Read Performance

12x DVD-ROM, 8x DVD+R/-R/+RW/-RW, 40x CD-ROM

DVD, CD Write Performance

12x DVD+R, 4x DVD+RW, 32x CD-R, 24x CD-RW.

Access time

Average access time - 130 ms typical for random access - 130 ms typical for 1/3 stroke access

Buffer memory 8 MB with Buffer Underrun Protection
Audio output Analogue output (Molex connector)

The drive uses a 8MB buffer memory store and supports RAW DAO 96 writing (CD). The drive does not support Mount Rainier.

The drive uses the RPC II region control, allowing a user to change the drive's region at most 5 times. Since for our tests, we set the region code to 2 (Europe), the number illustrates above is 4.

- The drive

On the rear panel you can find the analogue and digital audio outputs (SPDIF), the IDE selection pins, the IDE connector and the power input.

Removing the screws and opening the drive's cover voids the drive's warranty. For reference reasons, we post the following pictures. Click on the photos for an enlarged view.

The main chipset is coming from Philips and its Nexperia series.

- Installation

The device was connected to our test PC and was identified as "DVD+R/RW DX122D" under WinXP. All tests were done with firmware revision v.052E.

The following pages include our recording test results of the CyberDrive DX122D drive but remember that this is a preview and not a complete review since we are waiting for a firmware upgrade real soon from CyberDrive..

2. CD recording tests

CyberDrive DX122D PREVIEW - Page 2

CD Recording Tests

- CD-R Writing Tests

The CyberDrive supports 8x, 12x, 16x, 24x, 32x writing speeds. Below you can see the CDSpeed writing simulation graph with Taiyo Yuden 48x CD-R media.

The simulation test, under Nero CD Speed, confirmed the manufacturer's specifications for 32x recording, which is under P-CAV. The average speed was 28.90x.




- Recording Times

We created an 80min data compilation with Nero Burning Rom and recorded it on a 700MB disc. CyberDrive needed 3:20 to conclude the burning procedure.

Below we present the best writing times for CyberDrive drive at 8x, 12x, 16x, 24x, 32x with a Taiyo Yuden media.

In the following graph you can see the recording times with various media brands.

- CD-RW Writing Tests

The CyberDrive supports 24x P-CAV maximum rewriting speed, with Ultra Speed rewritable media. Below you can see the results from the CDSpeed writing simulation test with blank 24x US-RW media from Mitsubishi Chemicals.

The test once again confirmed the drive's specifications for 24x rewriting. The average speed at the end of the test was 23.57x.





We also used Nero Burning Rom software to burn a 24x US-RW data media from Mitsubishi Chemicals again. The data compilation we burned onto the disc, had a size of 651 MB. The duration of the recording process was 3:37 minutes for CyberDrive.

- Packet Writing Tests

We used InCD and Mitsubishi Chemicals 24x US-RW media for all Packet Writing tests. The formatted disc had 530mbs of free space. We copied a 403 MB file (412.822 KB) from Hard Disk (on the same PC as the recorder) to the formatted RW media through Windows explorer (drag and drop).
Average speed
14:35 min
2:30 min

The reading time is much higher than usual.

- Other features

Up to 99min
CD text reading/writing

3. 3Tjitter Tests - Page 1

CyberDrive DX122D PREVIEW- Page 3

Writing Quality Tests - 3T Jitter Tests

On an 80min 48X CD-R disc from Taiyo Yuden we burned the same AudioCD project at 8x, 12x, 16x, 24x, 32x. The 3T Pit & Land Jitter graphs are presented here.

- 3T Pit results

As we can easily conclude from the graphs above and below, the drive gives low jitter values using 8x, 12x, 24x and 32x speeds.

The average 3T Pit Jitter values for all recording speeds are illustrated in the following table.

- 3T Land results

The jitter land levels illustrated in the graph above, are very good for all speeds . Once again, recording at 16x the drive gave us really high levels.

The following average values graph confirms a good burning quality of the CyberDrive recorder, except at 16x speed.

Recording Speed
Average 3T Pit Jitter (ns)
Average 3T Land Jitter (ns)
> 35ns
Max 3T jitter values (ns)
32 Pit, 38 Land
31 Pit, 35 Land
40 Pit, 43 Land
35 Pit, 36 Land
44 Pit, 42 Land
- Summary

CyberDrive is an average recorder, at least with Taiyo Yuden media. The recording quality is poor for 16x and 32x writing while is good for the other speeds. We expect that the upcoming firmware will fix this. In the following page we test the drive's writing quality with other media brands.

4. 3Tjitter Tests - Page 2

CyberDrive DX122D PREVIEW- Page 4

Writing Quality Tests - 3T Jitter Tests

The same Nero compilation used in the previous jitter tests was used once again, this time with media from different brands. The recording speed was the maximum in all cases. The following graphs indicate the 3T Pit & Land Jitter results.

- 3T Pit results

According to the results we took from the jitter measurements, CyberDrive performed very well with all media brands. The CMC Magnetics, Maxell, Philips, Mam, Primedisc and Samsung prove to be very good combinations with CyberDrive recorder. The Samsung media returned good jitter results.

The average 3T Jitter values for all manufacturers discs are illustrated in the following graph.

- 3T Land results

The jitter land values were almost at the same levels with this one of 3T Pit.

Recording Speed
Average 3T Pit Jitter (ns)
Average 3T Land Jitter (ns)
> 35ns
Max 3T jitter values (ns)
Maxell 48x
35 Pit, 37 Land
Mam 52x
33 Pit, 31 Land
Cmc 48x
32 Pit, 31 Land
Philips 52x
35 Pit, 37 Land
Samsung 48x
30 Pit, 30 Land
Primedisc 52x
35 Pit, 35 Land
- Summary

The drive performed very good with CD recording tests with all the media brands we tested. The writing quality is high for all. There wasn`t even one case that we could see increased jitter values over 37ns at 32x recording.

On the following page we check the C1 and C2 error rates for the same discs.

5. C1/c2 measurements

CyberDrive DX122D PREVIEW- Page 5

Writing Quality Tests - C1 / C2 Error Measurements

The C1 / C2 error rate was measured for the recorded discs burned during the previous writing tests (jitter). The software used was UMDoctor Pro II, and the reader was the Optorite DD0401 drive.


  • CMC Magnetics 48x recorded at 32x

  • Philips 52x recorded at 32x

Below we present information regarding the CD-R media used in this test.

ID Code
Taiyo Yuden 48X
TaiyoYuden 97m24s01f
Maxell 48x
Ritek 97m15s17f
CMC Magnetics 48x
CMC Magnetics 97m26s66f
Samsung 48x
Plasmon 97m27s18f
Mam 52X
Mitsui 97m27s58f
Philips 52X
Ritek 97m15s17f
Primedisc 52X
Ritek 97m15s17f
- Summary

According to our measurements, generally the drive's CD writing quality is very good but not with all of our media brands we tested. The C1 levels are all low except with the Philips media at the end, while we have two cases with high C2 errors with Samsung and Maxell media. However in both cases the playback under CDSpeed finished successfully without reporting any error.

6. DVD recording tests

CyberDrive DX122D PREVIEW - Page 6

DVD Recording Tests

- Writing Performance

CyberDrive DX122D supports DVD+R/RW writing. The maximum supported speed for DVD+R is 12x P-CAV and 4x CLV for DVD+RW media.

12x DVD+R

An 8x DVD+R disc from MKM was used to check the 12x writing strategy of the drive. The software used was Nero CDSpeed, with its "create disc" function.




The drive started writing at 6.70x and gave an average speed at 10.51x.


- Burning Tests

The best recording times are illustrated in the following table. The values were taken after burning 4315MB of data on various DVD+R, DVD+RW media, using the maximum allowed writing speed for each disc.

Maxell 4x DVD+R (recorded at 12x)

CMC Magnetics 8x DVD+R (recorded at 12x)

Princo 8x DVD+R (recorded at 12x)

Maxell 4x DVD+RW (recorded at 4x)

The table below presents the writing speeds, media name and media code for the various discs used.
CMC Magnetics 8x DVD+R
Mitsubishi Chemicals 8x DVD+R
MCC 003
That's 8x DVD+R
YUDEN000 T02
Verbatim 8x DVD+R
MCC 003
Maxell 4x DVD+R
Ricoh 4x DVD+R
Philips 8x DVD+R

From the media brands we tried only in three cases the recording procedure finished successfully. In the other cases Nero reported failure, as below, while in case of That's media the Lead out procedure never ended.

Off course we are excpecting that with the upcoming firmware upgrade the media compatibility list will expand. CDRinfo will update this article as soon as the new firmware will be available.

- Packet Writing Tests

For this test we copied a 403 MB file (412.822 KB) from the hard disk (on the same PC as the recorder) to the formatted RW media through Windows explorer (drag and drop).

Average speed
2:50 min
1:15 min

7. Kprobe PI/PO quality tests

CyberDrive DX122D PREVIEW - Page 7

PI/PO quality results

The following screenshots present the PI/PO results for various DVD+R and DVD+RW media, recorded with the CyberDrive DX122D at the maximum allowed speed.

The software used for the measurements was KProbe v1.1.28, the ECC was set to 8 and the reading drive was the LiteOn LDW-811S. The specific methodology is very dependable on the drive used as a reader, while the reliability of the PI/PO provided output is not also technically confirmed. Hence as a result, we cannot safely come up with conclusive results, although we do make a comparison of the drive's behavior when using various DVD recordable/rewritable media.

The recording discs used are presented below, coming with details about each disc type.

CMC Magnetics 8x DVD+R
Ricoh 8x DVD+R
MCC 003
Maxell 4x DVD+R
Maxell 4x DVD+RW

Here, we presented only the first Pi/PO scans with the DVD media recorded at 12x as well as with some DVD+RW discs. A new firmware upgrade is expected very soon, and this preview will be also updated with new writing quality scans.

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