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Appeared on: Friday, December 05, 2003
Nero Recode 2

1. Introduction

Nero Recode 2 software - Page 01


Ahead announced the second version of the very promising solution for fast transcoding and burning of DVD-Video titles a couple of weeks ago. Today we have the chance to take a look to the first Beta version of the software. Nero Recode 2 offers importing, transcoding and burning of non CSS-encrypted DVD Videos, while you can keep the original menu, select desired video titles, audio tracks, and subtitles. An advanced fit-to-disc option as well as an integrated movie player makes it a very powerful tool in your hands. The basic features/capabilities are the following:

Recode an entire non-copy-protected dual layer DVD movie. Create a backup on a standard 4.7 GB DVD media or your Hard Disk. Thus you can select which subtitle, audio, and video contents you want and remove the others, keeping the original menu.

Convert parts from different DVD sources to Nero Digital (MPEG-4) format. Trim videos, choose one audio track and subtitle and stores them on a standard 700 MB CD media or your Hard Disk.

Create your own DVD using parts from different DVD sources. You can remove audio and subtitle you don't want, trim videos and recode the contents so that it fits on a standard 4.7 GB DVD media.

Important note: The program is compatible with no-copy-protected movies.

In the following pages we offer a brief presentation of the software as well as the basic steps for some essential tasks through Nero Recode 2.

2. DVD9 to DVD5

Nero Recode 2 software - Page 02

DVD9 to DVD5

One of the most popular tasks today: Fit the contents of a DVD9 disc on a blank DVD5. First thing you have to do is to run the Recode 2 program. In the opening window you choose the appropriate task:

In this page we will try to explain how to fit a non protected DVD9 movie (approximately at 7~8GB) on a blank DVD recordable/rewritable 4.7GB disc. So we choose the first selection "Copy Entire DVD to DVD", and proceed:

The following picture is the main screen of the program.

Afterwards you have to import the movie files you want to process. This is very simple, just press "Import DVD" button. The browse menu will be appear and you must choose the folder, which contains your movie. For example:

We press "OK" and the import procedure begins. During this process you will be able to watch the movie in a fast preview by enabling the video preview. By default this feature is enabled. Personally I don't recommend this to all you that you haven't seen the movie, you don't want to know the end of the movie :). The remaining time until finish is illustrated accurately:

When the analyzing process take place, the following picture is what you will see.

Now depending to your needs you can adjust the Audio, subtitles, menus etc. The program selects by default some settings which of course you can change. Otherwise press "Next".

Before see what will happen we will give some information how to adjust the setting.

On the left you can select among the movie contents. In the middle there are three tabs about Audio, Sub picture and Info. Now according to which part of the movie you want to adjust, you select Menus, Main Movie, Extras and anything else that might be exist, as in our example Unreferenced Material. Just for example we selected the "Menus" option.

After you have to choose what you want to change; Audio or Subtitles? For Audio we press the "Audio" tab and we see a list of the available output audio formats in the provided languages. In our example, we chose both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 formats, in order to have high audio quality in our final compressed movie. In case you watch your movies on your 2-ch PC speakers, you should also check the 2-channel Dolby Digital output:

For subtitles select "Subpicture" and and check which ones you prefer. For those you don't just uncheck them. For example:

Audio and Language settings are available for your movie Main Movie, Extras etc.

If you want to exclude something from the final compilation, (sub content, extras e.t.c) just select it and press "Disable". Note that you cannot simply delete these files, as they will interrupt the flow of the movie and possibly make your DVD unplayable to DVD players. So Nero Recode 2 allows you to disable all or a few of the extra items.

As soon as you press the "Disable" button you will see the following picture:

A very useful option is that you are able to watch all the parts of the movie you are about to exclude.

Here you can replace the selected item with one of the options illustrated on the left. By selecting the "Slide Show" option, you will replace the video with frame samples from the original video, taken at intervals of 0.5sec. If you choose "Custom Picture" you you 'll be able to replace the selected video with a picture, default by Nero or one of yours. Last if you select "Custom Color" you will replace the video with a color that you may choose from a palette by Nero. Just make your choice and press "OK".

You will be returned to the main screen. Notice that the section you have chosen are disabled.

Before proceeding make sure you have enable the "Fit to target" option and you have set it to DVD-5 4.7GB. The video quality settings will be automatically adjusted to maintain the highest quality for the available capacity. However, additional slight adjustments can be done manually through the slide bars.

After we have finished with the settings adjustments, press "Next".

In this step I describe you how to burn your project in a DVD media or your Hard Disc. After we pressed the "Next" button from the previous page, we will see the following screen.

From the drop down menu you can select where you want to write your project. If you choose "Hard Disk Folder" or "Image Recorder", click "Browse" to define the destination folder. After that, we recommend you to enable the "Advanced analysis" feature for better results.

If you want to burn your movie on blank media select your burner's name option. You must define a temporary folder, by pressing "Browse", where Recode will make the temporary compressed/encoded file.

Thus you have to adjust the writing speed, depending on what speeds are supported by your drive, and the writing method. We recommend to check the "Advanced analysis", it takes more time but it worth it. This will offer a two-pass encoding for improved final quality.

So we press the "Burn" button and the whole procedure begins. While analyzing, encoding and burning there is a preview of the movie.

That's all, our new DVD-Video disc is ready.

3. DVD5 to MPEG4

Nero Recode 2 software - Page 03


Nero Digital can convert a 4.2 GB DVD-Video movie to an MPEG-4 video file of 692MB, which fits on a CD-R!

This time you should select the last option of the three as illustrates in the picture below:

Here is the main screen, almost the same as in the previous section.

Next you should import the movie. Follow the same steps as in the previous description, "Import Titles", "Browse", analyzing etc. Notice that in this project you should import only titles, not all the folder. Choose the titles you want and press "Add Title" for each title and "Finished" for return to the main screen.

Below is what you will see after those steps. We selected only the "Title 1" from the main movie:

You can also define the start and the end of your movie by pressing the "Start/End" button. This means that the movie can be cut or changed (shortened) according to your personal taste For example, you are able to start your movie from chapter 4.

Set the starting and the finishing chapter and adjust the slide bars, if you want to remove some frames. When you finish press "OK". You will return to the previous screen. Select the audio and subtitles you want (as we have describe in the previous page) and press "Next".

User is able to select the size of the final MPEG-4 video to fit on a 74min CD-R, 80min CD-R, 4.7GB DVD recordable or any other custom capacity.

The basic quality settings are gathered in the following screenshot. The quality settings (profiles) can be set either by the user or the Nero Recode (default profiles). For example, you can assign the best quality for the main movie only, extras only or choose the even quality option, for a flat encoding bitrate:

More details about the MPEG-4 encoding capabilities of the software will be added in this section soon. Notice that the MPEG4 conversion will take much time, which is strongly related to your CPU power.

After encoding, we proceed to burning the video files to our CD-R/DVD discs, as we mentioned in the previous page.

4. Remake a DVD

Nero Recode 2 software - Page 04

Remake a DVD

This time choose "Remake a DVD". This is the screen you will see after your selection:

Once again you import the titles you want, even if they are from different movies. You can create your own DVD using parts from different DVD sources, remove subtitles or audio tracks, trim the movie and fit it in a blank 4.7GB DVD disc. The settings are familiar with those in the previous pages. If you read carefully the two other projects we have described, you will easy manage to continue with this one.

This time of course you can burn the compilation you have chosen in a 4.7 GB media or to your hard drive. The output format is either DVD-Video or DVD ISO/UDF (data). No MPEG-4 encoding is available in this task.

In case of DVD-Video, user should import DVD files from a Video TS folder on his hard disk. Note that Nero Recode 2 will only work with VOB, IFO and BUP files. You cannot import MPEG, AVI, WMV, ASF, MP4 or DV files directly.

Of course there are many other setting that will probably make your work easier. We hope you have get a basic idea of the software. More information will be available very soon. Stay tuned!

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