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Appeared on: Monday, February 18, 2002
PleXWriter PX-W2410A CD-RW

1. Introduction

PleXWriter PX-W2410A IDE CDR-W - Page 1

- Introduction:
Visit Plextor's Homepage!
has been an important player at the high speed recording arena. The previous 12x and 16x Plextor Recorders were judged, by many people, as a 'best buy' since the majority of users met a great performance at an attractive price. On the other hand, Plextor has stopped a long time ago leading the CDR-writing race while it prefers to follow step-by-step the writing speed race leader Sanyo, with similar (at least in specs) models. The Sanyo 24x has been out for quite sometime, while it now seems, it's time to find out if the users who have been patient for the Plextor's new proposal at 24x writing speed have (or will be) rewarded.

Plextor's announcement for the PX-W2410A contained important news. First of, the drive supported all available writing speeds and second, it includes a 2 year-warranty (NOTE: only applied for European users). No other manufacturer has offered so far, such a long time-period warranty! Plextor is the first company to move into this path, since all other manufacturers will start offering 2 years of warranty after 2002. This will be forced by the EU law-system for all peripheral manufacturers.

- Features:
Plextor is using Zone-CLV in order to achieve the maximum speed of 24x. Other companies that have introduced this technique in the past were Sanyo and Ricoh. Plextor has also developed a similar to those companies, CD-Recording quality control mechanism called PoweRec II for monitoring the writing quality and reducing the writing speed accordingly. Last, but not least, as with the previous Plextor models, the model offers BURN-Proof as the main anti-buffer underrun technology.

The drive supports: 1X, 4X, 12X, 16X (CLV) and 20X, 24X Zone-CLV writing speeds. The Sanyo/TDK offers only 24x and LiteOn also offers 20x/24x as the maximum writing speeds. Another difference is the addition of two extra MB for drive's buffer size which is now up to 4MB. Plextor said that in their tests, 4MB worked better than 2MB, probably because less buffer underruns have occurred. Finally, there are no more jumper hacks to get the desired DMA33 connection mode since now it's officially supported.

The drive supports the following writing modes: Track-at-Once, Disc-at-Once, Session-at-Once, Multisession, and variable/fixed packet writing. The main difference between the variable/fixed packet writing modes is that, Variable packet writing is used only on CD-R media. Because packets need to be erased and overwritten, CD-RW will use fixed packet size...

- The New features:

(Constant Linear Velocity) is the recording technology used from Plextor in order to achieve both 20x and 24x recording speeds. When a recorder uses the Zone CLV recording method, the CD is divided into 3 zones from the inner to the outer side of the CD, in which the recording speed varies but it's always constant (CLV). The recording process starts at the beginning of the disc at a constant speed in the first zone. After a pre-defined time (when the next zone starts) the recording automatically elevates to a higher speed. At the speed switching point, BURN-Proof technology is used to assure a fast, reliable transition with no loss of data. The following graph shows the exact details:

The Plextor PX-W2410A starts recording at 16x in the lead-in area till 6mins. After that, it shifts the speed up to 20x and at 16minutes finally elevates it to 24x and stays there until the end. The speed-change points (6-16mins) are not clear if they are fixed or vary according to the recording media, since Plextor denied providing a clear answer. The official posted information is "...The write strategy for each area is a result of testing and investigation of the media in the technical lab..." gives an answer but this seems not as a clear one. The writing speeds inside the CD-Recording zones can change according to the quality of the used media as "PoweRec II" technology investigates and then defines.

is used from the Plextor PX-W2410A in order to ensure the best writing quality performance at any writing speed. PoweRec are the first name from the following words "Plextor Optimised Writing Error Reduction Control".

All Plextor CD-RW drives contain a media catalogue of all certified media, listed by manufacturer and part number. This catalog is stored in the drive's ROM and is used to set the appropriate "Write Strategy'' for the disc being recorded. The PoweRec technology will identify and test the target disc and select an optimised writing strategy for this media. Running OPC will overcome the varieties in dye characteristics over the disc. During writing, real-time write quality monitoring, ensures the best write quality for the selected speed. Additional, PoweRec II will act similarly for speed and area switching in Zone CLV recordings. The writing quality at the end of a zone will determine the recording speed in the next zone. Click here to see how the "PoweRec II" logical diagram works.

We have made several questions to Plextor in order to clarify some technical aspects of the "PoweRec II", which were NOT answered since Plextor feels it's industrial and confidential information :(

- The package:
We got the European retail package which contains: the drive itself, an electronic PDF manual with 16 languages, an RMA request form, a registration card, a quick installation guide, 2 blank CDs - one 24x recordable and one HS-RW erasable, an IDE cable, an audio cable and mounting screws. Plextor has changed the main recording software from WinOnCD and moved to the popular Nero 5.5. The package also contains the known "PlexTools" CD which was upgraded to v1.09 and now contains also the 16 languages PDF manuals, Nero and InCD v2.26.1 as the main CDR software.

The front of the PleXWriter PX-W2410A is the same as introduced with the previous IDE models. The drive contains the "24/10/40", "BPRec" and the "High Speed" logos and with a quick look gives the possible buyer an idea about the drive's capabilities:

In the back of the drive, you will notice the addition of an "extra fan" that no other 20x or 24x recorder had before. You will also find the power connector, the IDE cable connector, jumpers for setting up the MASTER/SLAVE/CABLE select status and finally, the analog/SPDIF connectors:

- Installation:
The Plextor PX-W2410A was installed as a Master in the primary IDE BUS. The drive worked in UDMA-33 model ,which is now officially supported from Plextor. After booting, it identified itself as a "PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W2410A". We unchecked the Auto Insert notification, checked DMA and rebooted.

The drive was a July 2001 model with firmware revision v1.00 and TLA#0000 hardware revision. We used Nero v5.5.2.4, CloneCD v3.0.5.1, PadusDJ v3.50.799 and Ahead InCD v2.26 for the recording tests.

- Test Machine:
WinMe OS
Soyo 7VCA
Celeron II 566 over clocked to 850 MHz
128MB SDRAM PC 133
Quantum Fireball EX 6.4 GB UDMA 33
DAWI 2975 - PCI (ULTRA) SCSI Host Adapter
Sanyo CRD-BP1500 firmware vHg.35
TDK CyClone 241040 firmware v6h.35
LiteOn LTR-24101B firmware v5S01
PleXWriter PX-W2410A firmware v1.00

2. Data Tests

PleXWriter PX-W2410A IDE CDR-W - Page 2

Data Tests

Test Method:
- SCSI Mechanic v3.0x: This was used to compare the Plextor's  I/O performance against other various CDR-W drives (see charts). We used a pressed CD containing PlexTools v1.08 for all of the tests.
- Nero CD Speed v0.83b was also used to check the drive's performance with pressed CDs. For that test, we also used the PlexTools v1.08 pressed CD.

- SCSI Mechanic v3.0x results:

The PleXWriter PX-W2410A seems to be a great perfomer, but into SCSI Mechanic tests got the second place behind LiteOn LTR-24102B. The drive's "Average Sequential I/O" is only 11kb/s lower than the LiteOn drive, which isn't really a noticable difference, under normal use. The drive's long seek times doesn't help it reach the top at the "Average Random I/O" test, and stays second with 720Kb/s, but far above the Sanyo & TDK drives. Finally into the same sector test even if it manages to get almost 22.34Mb/s, stays behind the LiteOn LTR-24102B, which figures at the top with an awesome 26.1MB/s.

- Nero CD Speed v0.83 results: (click here to see the CD Speed 99 graph)

Using Nero CD Speed 0.83b, we have major changes from the SCSI Mechanic test. Here the PleXWriter PX-W2410A is the king with 31.8X average reading speed and LiteOn stays second with 0.92X performance gap. Usualy our test results from both Nero CD Speed and SCSI Mechanic tests are the same but this time were not...

Into the average seek times test, Plextor gets the last, and worse, position with 155secs random seek time. The LiteOn is the top performer with only 90secs random seek time and both Sanyo and TDK drives gets the second and third place.

- PSX Pressed Media

In order to fulfil user requests, we have included a test with mixed mode CDs (mainly PSX). For this test we used the PSX game 'NBA Jam Extreme' and we ripped the image to HD with CloneCD. We measured the reading times and the PleXWriter PX-W2410A seems the definite choice for someone who wants to have fast PSX images ripped into his HD:

- CDR Media: (click here to see the CD Speed 99 graph)

The PleXWriter PX-W2410A again climbs at the first place, but with a pretty low performance gap of 0.32X, among the four tested drives.

3. RW reading tests
PleXWriter PX-W2410A IDE CDR-W- Page 3

RW reading tests

- Nero CD Speed v0.83b Test: (Click here to see the CD Speed 99 graph)

For the RW tests, we used TDK's HS-RW media. The Plextor drive got the second place after both Sanyo and above TDK and LiteOn drives, with 25.36X:

CloneCD Reading Tests

- Procedure:
We used CloneCD (v3.0.5.1) and 5 original CDs - Euro 2000 (SafeDisc 1), No One Lives For Ever (SafeDisc 2), Rally Masters (LaserLock 1), Desperados (LaserLock 2) and V-Rally 2 Expert (SecuROM 2) - in order to test the reading time of PleXWriter PX-W2410A. We have also tested the reading performance with backups of the original CDs, since reading speeds vary between an original and a backup copy. For comparison reasons we also added the results of the already tested TDK CyClone 241040, Sanyo CRD-BP1500P and LiteOn LTR-24102B. The following screenshot shows the Plextor's reading/writing capabilities:

- SafeDisc 1/2 Results:

The PleXWriter PX-W2410A is slightly faster than the rest 3 drives. However its performance is far away from what Plextor has shown into its previous models, since now the PX-W2410A needs almost 1hour to make an image of SD1/2 protected CDs, when the PX-W1610A needed only 2 mins :(

With SafeDisc 2 protected CDs, PleXWriter seems to be worse than LiteOn and Sanyo drives and gets the third place, using the original copy, and takes the last place with the backup disc.

LaserLock 1/2 Results:

This was the most weird test. As you can see the drive doesn't have any numbers posted since when we enabled the "Bad Scanner Sector" option, the drive gave up reading ,when displaying "Searhing for errors" message, and sometimes we had a blue screen from Windows (Windows Protection Error). We have witnessed the same effect with LiteOn 24x, only using the original CD however. We are not sure if the problem lies in the software or in the drive... As soon we have more news will update the review.

We had exactly the same strange effect with LaserLock 2 protected CDs as with LaserLock 1 CDs...

SecuROM Results

The PleXWriter PX-W2410A supports reading/writing of SubChannel data from both Data/Audio tracks. However, compared to the LiteOn 24x drive, it reads them quite slow (9:35mins for image).

4. DAE Tests

PleXWriter PX-W2410A IDE CDR-W- Page 4

DAE Tests

Test Method:
We used CD DAE 99 v0.21 beta and EAC v0.9 prebeta 11 software in order to check the DAE performance of the PleXWriter PX-W2410A with various AudioCDs (both pressed and CDR). The posted DAE results are the average of both applications, but the CPU usage was only taken from CD DAE 99, since EAC occupies the system a lot more. As a last note, we used the "BURST" reading mode of EAC. We made a full CD Rip starting from the first to the last track of the CD. The Average DAE reported speed along with the CPU Usage is displayed in the test graphs.

- DAE features:
We used EAC v0.9 prebeta 11 to examine the drive's features. As the program reported, the drive does "Caching" data, "Accurate Stream" and "C2 Error info". The specifications state that the drive can reach up to 40x DAE (max) with both pressed and CDR media.

- Pressed AudioCD results: (click here to see the CD Speed 99 graph)
The DAE ripping speed of PleXWriter PX-W2410A is superb and outperforms any other 24x CD-RW drive, reaching 30.1X average DAE ripping speed:

- CDR AudioCD Results: (click here to see the CD Speed 99 graph)
During those tests, we faced the most important <bug> of the drive. First we used our usual test discs -made from Taiyo Yuden, which were used in many previous tests without any problems. The drive failed to recognize the contents of the disc! We then tried another test disc, written on a different recorder than the first one, which was a different brand (Verbatim). This time Plextor did recognize the disc with no problems. However our test results weren't much satisfactory, since the drive reached only 32x (max) DAE ripping speed. We tried again making a another AudioCDR -this time from Ricoh, and Plextor PX-W2410A performed very good and reached 30x average ripping speed:

From futher testing we noticed that the drive denied recognize almost all Taiyo Yuden inserted media, which the PX-W2410A drive had burned...We also saw problems recognizing our test disc for the "BAD DAE Tests" - made from Princo.

- Advanced DAE Quality

The PleXWriter PX-W2410A, completed the Nero CD Speed "Advanced DAE test" successfully and it got 100 (perfect) quality score. Also as Nero CD Speed reports the drive supports reading of CD-Text and from thelead in/out area. The tested disc came from Mitsui SG Ultra II 74min 24x.

Results from Mitsui SG Ultra II 74min 24x

Despite the good results with the Mitsui media we done additional tests with Ricoh 74min 24x media. This time the results were slight different. How? Lets see the first picture. This time Plextor makes 100 score BUT with only 24.08X average reading speed.

Results from Ricoh 74min 20x...

Let's try again to read the same media. This time the drive reads with maximum speed but now produces a lot of data errors...

Results from Ricoh 74min 20x...

Which test result we should take as the most accurate for our tests?..We don't know. There seems to be something that needs fixing since it's not possible with different media (written from the same drive) getting so different results (we are talking about a Plextor drive here...)

- Bad CDR Media results

Despite the fact that Nero CD Speed Advanced DAE test stretches drive's mechanism to the max, we decided to do real life tests with a scratched disc. The disc was dirty, and with some light scratches, enough in order to cause problems to most of the tested drives. We have used CD DAE 99 software to rip the whole disc (756539616 sectors) and the results were very interesting:

Average Speed (X)
Errors Of Total Disc (%)
Sanyo CRD-BP1500P
almost 0
TDK CyClone 241040
LiteOn LTR-24101B
PleXWriter PX-W2410A

As the tests showed, the Plextor drive failed to recognize our CDR media for the specific test. The same media have been used for performing other tests and till today no other drive had ever failed at least recognizing it....

- Ripping 90 and 99min CDs

As we can see from the above graphs, the PleXWriter PX-W2410A has no problem reading 90min CDs. However it failed reading our 99min test disc...

5. CDR Tests - Page 1

PleXWriter PX-W2410A IDE CDR-W - Page 5

CDR Tests - Page 1

The PleXWriter PX-W2410A is the 6th recorder, following Sanyo BP1500, Ricoh MP7200, Ricoh MP9200, Acer 2010 and LiteOn LTR-24102B that supports Zone-CLV writing technology. The drive uses Zone-CLV to achieve both 20x and 24x writing speeds. We used Nero CD Speed 0.83 build-in writing test in order to test the drive's writing performance at the maximum (24x) writing speed.

Press to see the complete graph!As Nero CD Speed revealed, the drive starts writing at 16x (CLV), jumps to 20x (CLV) at 6min, climbs up to 24x (CLV) at 16min and continues to write at this speed until the end of the burn. The average writing speed of 24x (Zone-CLV) writing speed setting is around 22.77x making it slightly slower than LiteOn LTR-24102B by 0.01X! Both drive are faster than Sanyo and TDK 24x recorders, from what our tests showed in specific CDR media (Ricoh 80min 24x).

The drive doesn't reduce the writing speed with low quality media, like JustSpeed, but as Plextor explains the drive monitors the quality of the produced CDs and will adjust the writing speed accordingly. From our media tests, you are allowed to write even up to 24x with 16x and 12x certified CDs but the recording will happen in 16x/20x writing speed instead. Actually in one case the drive dropped its recording speed down to 4x/12x with 8cm/business cards CDs, as Nero reported.

- Procedure

We tested the PleXWriter PX-W2410A with Nero v5.5.2.4, CloneCD v3.0.5.1 and Padus DJ v3.50.799 software.

We used many different brands and types of media: Verbatim 16x, Mitsui 16x & 24x, Prodisc 16x, Ricoh 8x & 24x, TDK D-View 12x, Princo 16x, Maxell 16x, Taiyo Yuden 24x, SKC 74/80min 16x, Imation 80min 16x and Verbatim/TDK 74min HS-RW media.

We did notice some problems -coasters- with Imation 80min 16x media at 24x (max). At the 20x writing speed no problems were occured. We also noticed that the drive refused to recognize Prodisc NoName 80min (16x) CDs. Plextor does suggest using only media from their recommendation list which can be found over here.

- CD-R Tests:
We created a "DataCD" job with data slightly over 74mins (74:03:65). We burned the same job with all 4 CDR-W drives:

As you can see, the PleXWriter PX-W2410A did made the lower recording time, 3-4secs faster than the competiton!

Let's see how the drives behave at 20x writing speed. The PleXWriter PX-W2410A did had the lower recording time at 20x, faster than the Ricoh MP7200/9200 recorders. The drive needs 259secs (4:19mins) 3 less than MP9200, 6secs than MP7200 and 8secs faster than LiteOn 24x. The CPU Usage is at the same levels as the competition.

At the maximum writing speed, PleXWriter PX-W2410A is around 10secs faster(!) than Sanyo and TDK recorders and 2secs than the LiteOn drive. Note that this test result occurred ONLY when using a specific media type (Mitsui 74min 16x) and that with most other media the drive is slightly faster than the LiteOn (1 or 2 secs).

- 80min CDs:
As with the previous test, we created a DataCD (80:01:47) and used the same media for all burns:

On this test, the Plextor needed the exact same time like Sanyo BP1500P, 3 secs less than LiteOn LTR-24102B.

At 20x writing speed, the Plextor drive is again faster than the competition with 4-6secs advantage. The CPU Usage is around 16%, in the same levels as the competition.

At the maximum writing speed (24x), the PleXWriter had the exact same time with LiteOn LTR-24102B. The drive is 7secs faster than TDK CyClone 241040, again using a specific type of media. The CPU Usage was 17%, which is acceptable.

6. CDR Tests - Page 2

PleXWriter PX-W2410A IDE CDR-W - Page 6

CDR Tests - Page 2

- Comparison Charts

Let's see how LiteOn's 24x Z-CLV compares against Plextor's 24x Z-CLV writing speed.

Click To Enlarge!

As the above graph shows the LiteOn has the exact same speed change points, as the Plextor 24x. After all their average recording speed, according to the Nero CD Speed is only 0.01X. Their differences are minimal and we advise you to click on the graphs in order see the enlarged pictures and notice them.

Click To Enlarge!

The PleXWriter has more or less the same rotation speeds with LiteOn LTR-24102B. The drive makes a minimal noise when writing speed jumps off, and looks even quieter than the Liteon 24x. Let's see now our comparison chart:

CDR-W drives
Average Writing Speed (X) with 80min CD
Yamaha CRW2200
Ricoh MP9200
PleXWriter PX-W2410A
LiteOn LTR-24102B

The following chart illustrates the differences between 20x P-CAV, 20x Z-CLV and 24x Z-CLV writing speeds:

(Note: The above recording times are the lowest from our media tests)

The PleXWriter PX-W2410A 'steals' the first place from LiteOn LTR-24102B since its 2 secs faster. The drive is 50secs faster than the Yamaha 2200E, 32secs than the MP9200 and 2secs faster than the LiteOn LTR-24102B with 74min CDs. With 80min CDs the time differences are slightly higher, 57secs than the Yamaha 2200E, 33secs than the MP9200 and finally, equal with the LiteOn 24x.

- Overburning Tests:
The PleXWriter PX-W2410A supports overburning up to 94:59mins, as our tests proved.

- CD-Text Results:
We made several AudioCDs with CD-Text and our tests showed that the drive can write/write CD-Text format.

- CloneCD Tests:
CloneCD v3.0.5.1 reports that the drive support the DAO/SAO-RAW writing modes and of course Burn-Proof anti-coaster technology. From our tests results DAO-RAW writing works without any problems for SafeDisc 1/2, LaserLock 1/2 and SecuROM 2 protected CDs.

- SD2 Support:
For the SD2 test we have used the "No One Lives For Ever" and the "Emperor - Battle for Dune" CD titles. A second SD2 title has been added in the tests after our viewers request. We used the PleXWriter PX-W2410A as both reader and writer. The produced backups played flawlessly at the drives we tried:


Pioneer DVD-305S
TDK CyClone 241040
Ricoh MP7200
Ricoh MP9200
Plextor PX-W40TS
Yamaha 2100E
LiteOn LTR-24102B
PleXWriter PX-W2410A
LiteOn LTD-163

Didn't Worked:


The PleXWriter PX-W2410A will make its users happy since it's supports perfect backups of SD2 protected CDs.

- 8cm mini CDs:
Plextor officialy doesn't support 8cm and mini business cards CDs. During our tests we tried and burned succesfully one business card CD. The drive made a lot of noise and gave only 4x and 12x as the available recording speed. We also made some simulation tests with 8cm CDs. It would be nice for Plextor to officially support 8cm CDs, since a lot of 8cm Mp3 players are entering the market in the upcoming few months.

- Buffer Underrun tests:
The PleXWriter PX-W2410A support "BURN-Proof" anti-buffer underrun protection. The drive has got the Burn-Proof certification from the BURN-Proof verification center which ensures that the quality of the produced CDs would be the best possible. We have made several tests and from what we saw the drive will always keep recording even after opening too many applications (up to the point, which the PC is almost ready to crash).

7. RW Writing Tests

PleXWriter PX-W2410A IDE CDR-W - Page 7

RW Writing Tests

We used Nero for writing CDs in maximum RW writing speed for all the tested drives in 10x HS-RW media. All drives support fully the HS-RW writing standard:

The Plextor drive needed only 484 secs to finish the task. The drive is faster than Sanyo/TDK, by 8 and 10secs, and from LiteOn with 3secs performance gap. The erase time is slightly higher than the competition (60 secs) while the CPU Usage is also low.

- Packet Writing Tests

We used Ahead InCD v2.26.1 for all Packet Writing tests. We used TDK HS-RW media and we formatted it. The formatted disc revealed 530mbs of free space. We copied a 403 MB file (403.147 kbs) from a Hard Disk (on the same PC as the writers) to the formatted RW media-using explorer (we dragged and dropped) we completed the test twice to eliminate possible time measurement faults and user errors:

The results shows that the PleXWriter PX-W2410A is the faster recorder/reader at the packet writing mode. The drive outperformed LiteOn by only 0.02X at the writing process, and with 5.63X at the reading test.

8. Conclusion

PleXWriter PX-W2410A IDE CDR-W - Page 8


Positive (+)

Negative (-)

- Supports 20x and 24x writing (Z-CLV) speeds
- "BURN-Proof" anti-coaster technology
- "PoweRec II" quality monitor system
- European retail package offers 2 years of warrantee! Unique feature!!!
- 4MB of Buffer
- Best data reading performance with pressed/cdr media
- Very Good DAE ripping speed
- Very good packet reading/writing performance
- Supports DAO-RAW writing mode
- Can read/write SubChannel Data from Audio/Data tracks
- Can produce perfect SD2 backups!!!
- Supports CD-Text (read/write)
- Supports Overburning (up to 95mins)
- Supports Ultra-DMA 33 connection interface
- Complete retail package - contains Nero 5.5x and 16 languages manual!
- Very low noise when operating - notice how quite is the tray!
- Drive has attached fan

- Bigger seek times compared to the competition
- Drive is picky with the inserted Audio CDR media
- DAE quality seems vari with different CDR media
- Recognize problems with specific CDR brands
- Produced coasters with specific CDR media (Imation 80min 16x)
- Failed to recognize 99min CDs
- Failed to recognize Prodisc NoName 80min CDs
- Very bad CloneCD reading speeds :(
- Price higher than competition (+30$)

Plextor's name is connected with quality and maximum performance under all circumstances. The new PX-W2410A model continues this tradition and is a great performer in many writing/reading tests. The drive seems to be the fastest recorder ever produced and burns 650Mb under 4mins. The new "PowerRec II" system ensures maximum writing quality and the 4MB of buffer among with the BURN-Proof will eliminate possible buffer underruns. The addition of 2 years of warranty (only for European users) gives a big motive to possible buyers since no other manufacturer has offered it, so far. Finally, the capability of doing perfect SD2 backup CDs will make many users happy. So is this the drive that we have all been dreaming off?

We could say yes if the following problems weren't present: a) the recognition problems of various written AudioCDR media, b) the strange results with various CDs at the Nero CD Speed Advanced DAE quality test and c) the very bad CloneCD reading performance. In our opinion the drive needs more fine tuning in order to correct the above problems. On the other hand, Plextor has proved that cares about its customers and most possible sooner than we think, the mentioned problems will be corrected with a newer firmware update. After all, none was <born> perfect :-)

So how about the competition from LiteOn 24? Both drives ship the same time in the market but with a starting 30$(+) price gap. Plextor is faster but LiteOn is cheaper. Plextor has faster but LiteOn better DAE quality. Both support overburning, SD2 backups and have Nero 5.5x in the retail package. Which one is the best recorder? Hard to tell. Judge your own needs and decide which drive fits you better. After all it's YOU who always make the final judgement :-)

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