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Appeared on: Wednesday, June 08, 2016
Toshiba Exceria N301 SDXC And Exceria Pro M401 microSDXC review

1. Meet the the EXCERIA N301 SDXC and the EXCERIA PRO M401 microSDXC

We have in our hands two flash-based storage solutions developed by Toshiba, designed to offer you storage space for your digital / video camera, but also for your smartphone - the EXCERIA N301 64GB SD card, and the EXCERIA PRO M401 microSDXC 64GB.

The EXCERIA N301 series includes 8 GB / 16 GB / 32 GB / 64 GB models. It has been designed to offer a balance for Full HD and photo image capturing but also for everyday computing needs.

The SD card's Speed Class 1 (U1) ensures a minimum read and write performance of 10 MBytes/s with UHS-I interface. The series provides the speed for efficiently transferring and editing the results. Toshiba says the 64GB XCERIA N301 model we are testing today will offer a maximum read speed of 48 MB/s.

The EXCERIA N301 is x-ray proof to protect your memories, so no worries at the airport security check or at your sunny vacation destination.

Toshiba EXCERIA N301 SD card
Capacity 64 GB
Interface SDHC /SDXC, UHS-I
UHS Speed Class Speed Class 1 (U1)
Speed class Class 10
Max read speed (MB/s) 48 MB/s
Dimensions 32.0 mm (L) x 24.0 mm (W) x 2.1 mm (H)
Weight Approx. 2 g
Warranty 5 years

Below the see the plastic packaging of the EXCERIA N301 64GB SD:


The second Toshiba product we are presenting here is the EXCERIA PRO M401 64GB microSDXC. The microSDXC card can be used to store 4K or Full HD video on your capable smartphone, tablet or sports camera. Thanks to the SD card adaptor, the microSD card can be used in a wide variety of devices.

The microSD card series supports UHS I speed class U3. It offers read speeds of up to 95 MB/s and write speeds of up to 80 MB/s.

As in the case of the EXERIA EXCERIA N301 SD Card, the Exceria Pro M401 microSDXC 64GB is x-ray proof.

Here are the specifications:

Toshiba Exceria Pro M401 microSDXC 64GB
Storage memory Toshiba NAND Flash
Interface SDHC/SDXC, UHS-I
UHS Speed Class Speed Class 3 (U3)
Speed class Class 10
Max read speed (MB/s) 95 MB/s
Max write speed (MB/s) 80 MB/s
Dimensions 15 mm (L) x 11 mm (W) x 1.0 mm (H)
Weight Approx. 0.4 g
Adaptor SD card adaptor
Warranty 5 years
Software & Services LC Tech recovery software, download here

Below the see the packaging of the Exceria Pro M401 microSDXC 64GB. Besides the MicroSDXC card and the adapter, the package also includes a small leaflet with a code which activates the LC Technology Data Recovery Software.

2. Benchmarks - EXCERIA N301 SDXC 64GB

In the benchmarks you see below, the Toshiba E xceria N301 SDXC 64GB topped the 43-44 MB/s in sequential read, and around 15 MB/s for the corresponding write test. Of course, do not expect to see high writing speeds with small files as you might see from an SSD.

The performance of this card is almost the same we had experienced when we tested its microSDXC brother, the Exceria M301-EA 64GB.


3. Benchmarks - EXCERIA PRO M401 microSDXC 64GB

The Toshiba Exceria EXCERIA PRO M401 MicroSDXC reached the 95-96 MB/s in the sequential read test, and 78-80 MB/s for the corresponding write test.



The card's performance gets a serious boost when it deas with files larger than 32K, in the benchmark you see below:

4. Summary

Both the Toshiba EXCERIA N301 64GB SDXC and the EXCERIA PRO M401 64GB microSDXC cards performed pretty well in our benchmarks, and delivered the read and write speeds they were supposed to.

With a read speed over 45MB/s and writes well over the Class 10 standard, the EXCERIA N301 is an affordable
choice for storage when used along photo cameras but also Full-HD video cameras. Backed by a 5-year warranty from Toshiba, the 64GB variant will cost you about 20 Euros. In case you don't need the 64GB capacity, the the 32GB model is available for 14 Euros, the 16GB variant is available for just 6 Euros and the smallest 8GB model can be also found online for about 5 Euros.

The EXCERIA PRO M401 is also a fast microSDXC card, and it easily matched the rated speeds in both read and write tasks. Bundled with an SD card adaptor, the microSD card offers convenience and can be used in a wide variety of devices.

Available in 64GB, 32GB and 16GB capacities, the card is bundled with the data recovery solution from LC Technology. The card also offers worry-free operation and is also shockproof, waterproof and x-ray proof.

You can to find the 64GB version for about 55 Euros, the 32GB for 32 Euros, while the 16GB can be picked up for about 26 Euros.


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