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Appeared on: Thursday, October 21, 2010
Xtreamer Pro Media Player Review

1. Features

With so many media players available today at the market, most users are seeking for a device that actually offers an easy and complete user interface, wide media compatibility and also a stable operation. The Xtreamer Pro the media player that we will test today is probably such a solution. The device is not a new proposal for this market, but the latest firmware (Ver.2.4.2) released for the device has made the device even more appealing, especially to power users.

The Xtreamer pro player is based on company's smaller model, the Xtreamer, which allows you to stream HD (MKV H.264) movies or your home-made videos, listen to high-quality digital music and show high-resolution side shows photos on your TV. The Pro is offering a gigantic 4GB storage capacity, double the memory of its smaller brother, it supports 7.1 CH digital audio and has an ultra-fast eSATA interface. Xtreamer's developers have also designed an artistic GUI with animated HD menus, which can be enjoyed on your TV screen using your iPhone or the included remote control.


1) 1080p PlayBack: The xtreamer is now supporting 24P frame rate so as to assure you a natural HD film quality.
2) 802.11n Connectivity: The Xtreamer USB Antenna is a 802.11n (draft 2.0) USB WiFi adapter that will allow you to bridge your home network to the Xtreamer.

3) HD Graphical User Interface (GUI): The Xtreamer User Interface is now supporting HD resolution so icons are crisp and clear in all TV settings. The interface was designed for easy navigation for any family member. You will find adjusting variable user preferences is as easy as clicking a button on your remote.

4) High@5.1 1080p 16 refs Support: The Xtreamer is based on the Realtek chipset capable of playing the most demanding HD files. The XtreamerPro provides support and functionality on the latest H.264/MPEG-4 AVC 1080p and the most demanding standard for video compression. It will allow you playback of of up to High@5.1 1080p 16 refs from USB disk and its internal HDD.

5) Integrated Storage Controller: The Xtreamer Pro incorporates a bridge controller, which translates the communication protocol between SATA II 3.0G and Hi-Speed USB commands. We added an integrated 15MIPS 8051, dual-port SATA II 3.0G and Hi-Speed USB to enable users to perform Hi-Speed USB to SATA II 3.0G, and SATA II 3.0G to SATA II 3.0G applications in a signal dedicated chip and not on the "busy" RTL architecture

6) eSATA: Xtreamer Pro user can reasonably expect full speed of copy/read/write up to the maximum speed available today in our consumer electronic industry.

7) Twice the Memory: Xtremer has also decided also to double the memory size of the device from the 2.5" model to 256 Mb DDR2 (2X128) so as to allow smoother buffering and faster GUI experience. This will be found specifically handy when demanding search and indexing procedures of files will be called by the user.

8) iPhone RC Interface: As of firmware version 2.0 our Xtreamer supports web interface for remote control.
The Xtreamer can now be controlled from the iPhone or any other mobile phone that has web browsing capability.
Simply browse to your device local IP at our home network to be able to fully control the Xtreamer.

9) Dolby TrueHD Down Mixing: Xtreamer promises to deliver audio that is identical to the master recording. It lets you experience the full potential of audio usually found in Blu-ray Disc, and is even ready for future HD delivery formats. It produces 100 percent lossless audio that is identical to the studio master, takes full advantage of Blu-ray Disc quality, with even 7.1-channel playback, with more than 16 channels of audio

10) Blu-ray ISO Support: As of Firmware Ver 2.0 the xtreamer can deliver to your TV the Blu Ray experience utilizing its engine capable of decoding Blu-ray images packed in ISO format.

11) Integrated File Manager: The Xtreamer has a built in file manager that allows you to easily copy files to and from any USB attached drive to the xtreamer internal HDD without being necessary to use PC to accomplish that.

12) Password Folder Lock: The Media Library will allow you to keep some folders away from the reach of unwanted handling by simply designating it a password. Locked Folder will therefore be accessible by password only .

13) XBMC Folder Style: Wide Banner Icons were added in xtreamer since ver 2.0 and are now an integral part of the Xtreamer look and feel. With different adjustments to the skin, you may place a wide icon at each folder by giving it "folder.jpg" name.

14) Internet Radio: Featuring numerous genres of music produced by thousand broadcasters and music tastemakers from over 150 countries, the Xtreamer boasts a roster of artists and radio producers ranging commercial and public radio stations, individual DJs who program stations in every musical

15) Multilingual Support: The Xtreamer features full localization to more than 23 languages in both the GUI as well as Subtitle.

16) Live Internet Content: The Xtreamer is FLV capable device. It lets you watch live streaming content from hundred web publishers like CNN, ESPN and more on your TV. And, if that isn't reason enough to check it out, Xtreamer also enables you to enjoy your playing FLV files stored on the internal HDD of the device or streamed from your local network.

17) TVersty & TwonkyMedia Compatibility: The Xtreamer supports UPnP media servers. The TVersity Media Server lets you manage your Internet and home media and create your personalized lineup of channels, or as we call it your Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG). It then serves this media to a multitude of networked devices in the home or on the go, overcoming their inherent limitations by doing all the necessary conversions on the fly, and thus making your media available anywhere, anytime and on any device.

18) eTRAYz Optimization: The Xtreamer Pro has been designed for automatic handshake and optimized NFS 1080p streaming with the eTRAYz. With the storage of both devices, coupled with its NFS UDP functionality, your HD content freedom will be endless.

19) UPnP Web Getway: The Xtreamer features advanced web gateway from which you will be able to control various features of the device. Simply login via your PC web browser. You will be able to assign the device a unique name that will allow you easy access to the device even from the internet: yourname.myxtreamer.net. This Web Gateway will allow you to setup an NFS client and even stream your xtreamer HDD content to PC. The Xtreamer can serve you files as NAS and its files are accessible by your PC once the FTP service is enabled.

20) NFS Client Support: The Xtreamer features full support to the NFS protocol.

21) Subtitles & Playback TrickPlay: The Xtreamer is packed with multiple abilities to play your media the way you prefer.

22) FTP Server: The Xtreamer has a built-in FTP service that allows you to access the device from any PC in your local LAN.

2. Specifications


Storage Capacity

Web services

Media files supported

Audio codecs:

Photo formats

Other formats

Subtitle formats

Streaming formats

Media Support

Artistic GUI



Audio/Video outputs



Free DDnS Name

Multilingual On Screen Display , Subtitles & GUI

Integrated iPhone Remote Control




Noise Level & Fan

Package Content

3. A closer look

The Xtremer Pro is listed at Xtremer's web site for €149 and the WiFi-enabled version is available for &euro169. Its price is higher than other media players we have tested at CDRinfo.com, such as the AC Ryan PlayOnHD! and the Patriot Memory Box Office. We hope that the device will worth the extra cash.

What you see below is the player's retail box. At a first glance it looks cool and includes all the necessary information about the device's capabilities, including certification logos for various supported audio and video formats:

The contents of the box are secured using protective foam packaging:

Here is what there is inside the package:

- 1x Xtreamer Pro
- 1x Remote Control
- 2x AAA Battery
- 1x 1.5m HDMI cable
- 1x e-SATA cable
- 1x USB Slave cable
- 1x Composite A/V Cable
- 1x Back panel e-SATA adapter for PC
- 1x USB extended cable for Wireless USB module
- 1x AC Adaptor
- 1x Power Cord
- 1x Quick Installation Guide

It is obvious that the provided cables should cover most of our connectivity needs. We liked the fact that there is a USB cable extension for the Wifi module, useful as you will be setting up your WiFi Lan and seek for the best reception signal.

The player is compact in size at 175 x 120 x 82mm and its weight is around 1.0kg. Its housing is made out of aluminum, except from the front plastic panel. As you can see in the picture below, the front panel is simple and includes five LEDs indicating the product's operation mode (network, NES, POWER etc.), a USB and an e-SATA port:


The rear panel includes the connectivity ports (USB 2.0, LAN, Digital audio Optical stereo - Dolby 5.1 DTS, Analog audio & video RCA ports, HDMI 1.3a with 7.1 CH pass through)

We would like to have an 1GBit lan port, instead of the included 10/100. Also an additional USB port would be welcomed as well, in case you need to install an external device such as a USB optical disc drive.

We also show you the bottom side of the device since there is the switch that can be accessed in order to remove the front panel of the device and install your HDDs:

Bundled with the player is a remote control, which is small in size for convenient handling and has a well-designed layout, with easy to press buttons positioned at the right place. Of course, it may take you some time to familiarize yourself with colored buttons (see below), which are used while you are navigating across the player's menu:

4. Powering up the player, Firmware update

We are ready to power up the player. All you need to do is connect the power cable to the rear panel of the player, and it will automatically power up. Then you should plug an HDMI or composite cable to your TV set. We understand that the player powers up using the remote control since there is not any power switch available on the device. However, a power switch could be useful for zero power consumption.

The player boot up and below is the first screen that shows up:

We immediately got into the "Settings" area and we checked the installed firmware. The device came with the rather old Ver. 2.3.4 firmware installed, so we visited the Xtreamerpro. net web site and downloaded the latest available firmware is Ver. 2.4.2. The firmware was transferred to the player using a FAT32 USB stick.

The firmware upgrade procedure is fast and simple. We select the source where the firmware file is stored (USB):

The firmware file was there (Xtreamer-Pro_2.4.2_xtr_pro). We highlighted it and the upgrade procedure began:

After a minute, our device self-rebooted to complete the procedure:



5. Installing a HDD

Installing a HDD is simple. Get to the bottom of the device and locate the lock switch. Slide it down and open the front cover toward the up direction:

As you can see there is enough space for two 3.5" SATA HDD drives. We assume that you would like to use a low-consumption 5400rpm HDD for quiet operation.

Push the Hard disk in Xtreamer Pro. To insert 2.5" hard disk, push carefully to the correct location into the device.Once the HDD are in place, put the front panel back on and slide the lock to fasten it. Notice that when install only one HDD, you must install it into tray "A" (left).

After that point, you have to get to the back of the device and the locate the select HDD switch. Unfortunately you cannot have both HDDs used at the same time.

We selected the HDD B and we are ready to format it as NTFS:

After HDD format is completed, press [OK] to reboot:

6. Settings

Let's see some of the main settings available at the Xtreamer Pro's Ver. 2.4.2 menu:

Six different sections are available on a menu bar placed at the bottom of the screen. These are the "Media library" section, where you can select from various areas to get his media content (local/network), the "Internet" section, which has many interesting widgets, the "Movie JukeBox" section, which leads you to another menu as we will explain later, the "File Manager" section, which allows you to make file copy/move/delete functions, and last but not least, the "Settings" section.

We should note here that the menu responded quickly to the remote control's commands.

Let's navigate through the "Settings" section. The settings are also categorized in those related to the playback, A/V, the network, the system and the applications.

Let's move on to the "Playback" settings. Here you can specify the language used for subtitle / ID3-tag languages, selecting and change their fonts, set the player to resume from the point where you previously stopped playback, set the slide show timing, any transition effect and also background music during photo slide show and also set the DVD Auto play function, which allows you to select automatic DVD play mode when inserting a DVD disk into the DVD ROM connected to your player via USB port. The Auto Run function is only available in internal HDD to automatically play a designated playlist when Xtreamer starts:


At the "A/V" settings tab you can select the proper display resolution and video output type (PAL, NTSC and HDMI Auto / NTSC / PAL / 480P / 576P / 720P 50Hz / 720P 60Hz / 1080i 50Hz / 1080i 60Hz / 1080P 50Hz / 1080P). The feature worked pretty well with our Panasonic 50S20 Plasma TV. The 1080P 24Hz can be enabled or disabled. Once enabled, it will allow you playback of 1080P 24Hz when playing Blu-ray file (BD); however, this function is subject to the factors that Xtreamer is connected to TV with "HDMI cable", and depending on the screen scanning with 24Hz frame rate. We should note here that the TV, AV amp and media file you use must be acceptable to 1080P 24Hz as well as your media file is recorded by 1080P 23.976fps. If the video is not’t properly played by enabling the "1080P 24Hz" mode, you will be required to disable it. In addition, the the initial TV screen may flicker when you select the "1080P 24Hz" mode.

At the same menu, you can to turn on (or off) the HDD Audio through the HDMI connection and also select between Digital and Analog Output Type:

If you have a plasma screen you might find the "Night Mode" useful, since it reduces the brightness of the screen:

We will quickly present the the "System" settings, which are are commonly met in all the media players. Here you can set the menu language (up to 23 language supported with fully translated menus), set the Power Mode - settings related to the [POWER] button of the your remote ( Power Off - Select to switch off the power, NAS Mode - Speed and stability of stream are improved by optimizing its function of network application as setting off PLAYER mode internally.The allotted memory for PLAYER function is set to Off mode which enables the system to reserve 90 percent of the memory for NAS Mode and the Confirm Window - By pressing [POWER] button, Confirm Window is displayed to select between [Power OFF] and [NAS Mode].)

The "System" settings tab also displays the current firmware version of the device, allows you to to assign a password to your system folders in order to protect your content, control the fan speed for lowering noise [Low / Medium / High / Manual], set the time for automatic changing images on your screen during periods of user inactivity (screen saver) and also allow you to format the installed HDD, as we previously saw.

When we set the "Fan Speed" control to Low, the spinning fan was still audible in a totally quiet room. However, we could not hear it at all during movie playback:

Finally at the "Application" settings menu, you can select various other functions of the Xtreamer Pro device, such as NAS, UPnP media server, Web and FTP server.

NAS network drive provides storing and copying files services, of which all are connected to Xtreamer via Windows file administrator in a convenient way.

You will be able to set up a UPnP Media Server in order to improve the function of a network application and enjoy playback functions when the device is connected to a UPnP AV Media Server such as Tversity, PS3 Media Server and XBMC Media Center. This feature supports UPnP Media Server and NFS client functions.

A Web Server reads files uploading and downloading from the Xtreamer player, and send a response to the client's Web browser using HTTP. The server responds with the content of that resource and you can control the Xtreamer Pro using the remote control.

Xtreamer has also built-in FTP service that you will let you manage and copy files to and from it through an FTP connection:


Let's leave the "Settings" menu and explore the "File Manager" menu. The Xtreamer has a built in file manager that allows you to copy files to and from any USB attached drive (a Digital Camera, an MP3 Player or a Mobile Phone) to Xtreamer internal HDD without having to use a PC.

In our case we will copy some files from an external USB flash drive to the installed HDD. The procedure is simple, first select the source and the destination:

Select the folders/files you need to copy into the HDD as well as the directory at the destination medium:

Let's make a new directory:

Press the "3" button on the remote control to perform the selected action:

After using the device we saw that the Xtreamer Pro was able to copy files from the local network at a speed of up to 5.67MB/sec. The transfer rate speed with a device connected to the USB port was 14MB/sec, which is a decent performance.

7. Playing Media files

In order to start playback media files you have to enter at the Media Library menu first. Here you should select the source of your media files (USB, HDD, Network, etc.). Of course the available media sources depend on the way you have set the player up. Here is our options:

If your file comes from a network shared source, you can easily locate it and add it to your "Favorites" by pressing the "8" button of the remote control:

If your media source is a USB device connected to the player, you can access the files easily and navigate within them by using the 4-way navigation keys on the remote control:

Navigating across non-english folders is not a problem since the player supports 23 different languages. Here is an example with folders named using Greek characters:

We have selected a .divx video file. Right after the selection, a preview window comes appears to the right (this can be disabled under the settings area). Pressing the enter key will immediately start playing the selected file to your connected TV:

We tested the compatibility of the player with many different files. The Xtreamer Pro player was able to playback even the latest Dolby DTS-TrueHD 7.1 files downmixed to 2.1Channel through the HDMI:

We also noticed a 90mbps .mts video file (bird90.m2ts) was fully playable. On the other hand, the same file encoded in the .mkv format (bird90.mkv) and stored to a USB flash drive could not be playbacked correctly, as you see in the screen shot below:

Playback of bird90.m2ts file

In fact, any .mkv file stored in our USB flash drive with a bitrate higher than the 60mbps (above fbird60.mkv) has some picture quality issues during playback. When we transferred the same files to the system's HDD, the playback issues were limited to the bird90.mkv file (90 mbps). This means that the USB port of the player most probably introduces these playback issues:

Playback of bird90.mkv file

A message will come in case you select an unsupported video file:

The player is also fully compatible with audio mp3 files and also provides extended information using the file's mp3 id tags.

When video playback begins, the player will automatically adjusting the size and position of the screen. However, in case you experience any problems, you have to press the ZOOM button (4) on your remote control to adjust the position of movie screen (scale):

For the video file below, we had to set the Width (W) to 126%. But when we tried to playback the same file again the Xtreamer Pro did not "remember" our ZOOM settings:

Information about the selected video file is available at the top side of the screen during playback. Rewind and Forward functions are enabled with "0.8X/1.1 X/1.2 X/1.5 X/2 X/4 X/8 X/16 X/32 X" speeds as well as music file is enabled with 2X speed control. These functions are accessible trough the up/down keys. Pushing these keys during playback will result to a skip function of 3 minutes forward or 1 minute backwards. Using the left/right keys will skip the movie 10 seconds backwards or 30 seconds forward, respectively. That's not the most convenient implementation we have ever experienced with a media player although it works without any problems:

The player also supports playback of DVD ISOs (not CSS decrypted):

The same applies for Blu-Ray ISO images. Decrypted files will not give you access to any menus and only the main video (movie) file will be accessible:

The player will automatically recognize the subtitles and display them properly. You can still adjust their font, color or position:

8. Internet services

The Xtreamer Pro is an FLV capable device. It allows you to watch live streaming content from hundreds web publishers such as CNN, ESPN, various music, gaming and technology channels and Youtube/Picasa/Flirk on your TV. Xtreamer also enables you to enjoy "YouTube" FLV files right away without using your PC by bringing them straight to your living room. You can also add your own favorite feeds and channels or enjoy a selection of custom internet content collected by the Xtreamer community.

Enter the "Internet" tab from the player's main menu. Here you will find many different options to play with:

The first option allows you to check online upgrades for firmware, the Xtreamer Jukebox, the internet radio and the Xtreamer Live functions. You will have to download and install each application when you use the player for the first time. Downloading and installation is automatically done quickly and easily:

We installed the Xtreamer Live! 9.1 version and below you see what it offers. The Xtreamer Pro offers access to many channels related to technology, VOD, news, sports traveling and also offers an adult channel. In fact the last one is password-protected (PAS: 0000 :)) for obvious reasons:

Popular RSS feeds are also available:

You can even see a weather forecast by country and city name:

The "Picasa" (Google) function allows you to search for pictures by key words as well as using your account ID:

The "news" section includes many popular news channels including CNN.com and ABC World News:

The Youtube function is also very useful in order to enjoy Youtube videos in your TV. You can search for a video by typing your search query using an on-screen keyboard. You can also choose to watch among recently added, recently featured, top favorites and top rated videos:

9. Jukebox

Another neat feature of the Xtreamer Pro media player is the the Jukebox function. The service will download information about movies, pictures etc.

First you need to install the Jukebox function, as we mentioned in the previous page. Then press the "MENU" (6) button on your remote control and the Jukebox tab will appear at the main menu of the player. Here you can select among the provided content categories, which are Movies, Series, Pictures and Music. We selected the Movies category:

We should remind you here that the JukeBox function is just gathering content stored in your connected devices and provides information for them. It does not download any video/audio content from the internet, besides some information for your multimedia stored files. So the first thing to do in order to use the function is to select the local or network sources for the content you wish to add to the JukeBox. We selected a network movie folder and add it to favorites:

The JukeBox will scan the selected folders for related files and import them. The procedure starts with a wizard that allows you to make some additional settings:

Scanning takes some time and below you see the results:

Here is how the JukeBox presents the movies you have imported to it:

You may change the way this information is displayed here, according to your flavor. We assume that it's better to have each movie stored in its own folder, since the Jukebox will download (internet) and locally store many files related to each movie to the same folder.

The information for any movie gathered by JukeBox can be also displayed on your screen during movie playback using the "Info" button of your remote control:

The information for each file you have imported to the Jukebox can be accessed and modified in a local address at http://myxtreamer:

10. Wireless LAN Setup

In order to connect your Xtreamer to a wireless environment you need to plug a USB WiFi Antenna (optional module), which is based on chipsets by Ralink, or also get a Realtek Wifi adapter. The module can be plugged into a USB2 port of the player. We used a USB module based on the Realtek RTL8191S chipset, which was automatically t recognized by the player . After that point you have to go to the "Network" settings area and start the provided Wireless setup wizard:

The wizard will prompt you to setup a wireless connection:

Select the connection mode:

The player will scan for any nearby wireless networks and will provide the security information for each available network:

Select the wireless network you need to connect to and insert the password. The next step is to choose the wireless IP address mode. You can leave the player make the essential IP settings using the DHCP IP (AUTO) mode, or even manually assign a static IP for the device:

We are ready to save our settings:

Press [Enter] button after confirming that the list of settings is correct. The player will try to connect to your router and once everything is OK, it will return the "Test OK and Show Net Info" message:

Our connection is ready:

11. Final words

The Xtreamer Pro media player is a product that deserves spending much of your time playing with it. While it is based on the the Realtek 1283X platform, it's GUI has been enhanced and offers a very good experience while navigating across the various settings and also when you watch movies.

The product comes in a complete retail package, and although Xtremer sells the essential Wifi module for some extra €20, you may find many compatible modules (based on Realtek chipsets) at lower prices.

The device is compact in size, it is made of quality materials and can be configured to work with two (2) 3.5" HDDs installed, offering a total storage capacity of up to 4TB, which should be enough to hold most of your digital content. Another strong feature of the device is the support for over 23 languages for both the menus and the subtitles.

The player had an excellent performance in our playback tests. The device will not refuse to play any media files you may think of - from mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4 and up to H.264 and MKV files and even High@5.1 1080p 16 refs profile, which is hard to play for many other media players. DVD Video and Blu-ray ISO files are also supported, with some limitations for the latter (menu).

The player is also equipped with an HDMI 1.3 interface and the quality of the bundled HDMI cable is good. Audio support is also complete and includes the latest Dolby Digital+ 7.1 & Dolby TrueHD 7.1 formats, which can be downmixed to 2CH audio in order to enjoy it in your 2 CH speakers.

The Xtreamer Pro offers very interesting and useful internet services, which expand beyond the typical Youtube, Picasa, RSS News and Internet radio features found in other media players. Here you will enjoy news, movies and several other internet channels including Live TV channels (only in the USA).

Moving forward to the Jukebox function, we have to do with a well-designed application that offers a new way to view and organize your favorite movies with support for IDMB and downloading of movie covers. Of course the application could be further tweaked a little bit in order to become even more useful but it still works pretty well with files stored into your local HDD. On the other hand, Jukeboxing networked files is probably not a great idea.

The Xtreamer Pro is a well-designed product and it offers a ton of features and advanced capabilities related to internet services, leaving the majority of the mainstream media players behind. The player will allow you to safely replace any other devices from your network (NAS, Web, FTP server) and will offer you a stable and quiet operation. The Xtreamer Pro deserves our "Editors Choice Award" for its great performance and rich set of features.


- Full retail package - Comes with HDMI v1.3 cable
- High quality housing
- Compact in size
- Fully translated system for 23 languages including subtitles and menus
- Well-designed remote control with good reception
- Supports two 3.5" HDDs, up to 4TB of storage capacity
- e-SATA connector available on the front side
- It can be controlled from iPhone and other mobile phones
- Jukebox function is impressive when using files from the local HDD
- Quiet Fan operation during movie playback
- Can playback anything from mpeg1,2,4 ASP & AVC formats
- Can playback all audio formats (mp3, AAC, Flac, Ogg, WMA, RA)
- 1080p and DTS soundtracks are not a problem for this player
- Supports both Wi-fi and wired Lan networks
- Stable and responsive playback
- Plays DVD-Video ISOs with menu support
- Support for NAS, UPnP streaming, Web and FTP server
- Great GUI interface with Jukebox support
- Rich Internet services
- Jukebox and main features can be set/tuned via a web interface


- More USB ports would be welcomed
- There is no power off switch
- Users cannot use two HDD as the same time
- Wifi 802.11n module comes optional (+ €20)
- Jukebox function is slow when accessing media files at the network
- Screen zoom function should be configured again each time you make any change
- Internet Services menu sometimes get confusing to navigate
- Network/e-SATA performance is rather slow

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