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Appeared on: Tuesday, November 03, 2009
Thermaltake Silent 1156

1. Features, specifications


Entry Level Users

Thermaltake is introducing several advanced cooling solutions for the latest CPU sockets including the Intel LGA1156 , offering users a good choice right from day one. The brand new Silent 1156 CPU cooler from Thermaltake is specifically designed for the Intel Socket 1156 processors. Installation to the motherboard is easily done with a convenient push-pin mechanism, which for the user is an entirely tool-free procedure.

Thermaltake claims that the cooler's 9cm PWM fan is a treat to the users’ ears. Through the PWM function the fan speed is automatically adjusted between 800 RPM to 1700 RPM according to the actual work load of the CPU. Furthermore, the side flow design makes the cooler’s air flow an integral part of the overall system air flow inside the chassis. With two 8 mm heat pipes and a mirror copper base heat is transferred away from the CPU to the aluminum fins, reducing heat development.

In addition, Thermaltake's popular SpinQ and ISGC series of CPU coolers will be getting an upgrade to also support LGA1156 processors. The ISGC series is particularly catering to users who are concerned about noise and are looking for silent solutions, while the SpinQ cooler combines aesthetics with performance.

- Product features

- Specifications

Model P/N : CLP0552
Compatibility Intel Socket LGA 1156
Core i5
Heatsink Material Cu_Base + Al_Fin
Heatpipe Φ 8 * 2 PCS
Fan Dimension 92(L)*92(W)*25(H)mm
Rated Voltage 12V
Started Voltage 7V
Power Input 1.44 W
Fan Speed 800-1700 RPM
Max. Air Flow 36.2 CFM
Max. Air Pressure 1.22 mmH2O
Noise 22 dB
Life Expectation 50000 hr
Connector 4pin
Weight 382g

2. The package, installation

The Thermaltake Silent 1156 comes in medium sized retail box. Several logos on front side of the package indicate the product's main features and abilities. The Silent 1156 retails for ~$30 making it affordable for most users.

As we previously mentioned, this product supports the LGA 1156 socket. Users can also install this product at a LGA 1366 socket without any problems but according to Thermaltake, the performance wouldn't be as good as with an LGA 1156 system, since the LGA 1366 has a higher thermal design power (130W Vs. 95W).

Opening the box unveils a carefully packaged product, with the cooler carefully placed into a carton box. There aren't many goodies inside, apart from the printed manual, mounting screws and a mounting mechanism.

The 90mm fan blows cool air to through the aluminum fins and the heat coming through the full copper heatpipes is transferred away, as you can see in the scheme below:


The base is made out of copper and the two 8mm heatpipes goes up to the aluminum fins. This is a common design which works well in most cases:

The 90mm fan has a circled design and extends beyond the cooler's sides, but not in a way that could be a problem when installing it.

The cooler can be easily installed without requiring you to remove the motherboard from the PC case first. Thermaltake uses Intel's stock mounting clips. For installation, simply select the appropriate mounting clip and secure the cooler using included screws. The whole structure looks and feels quite secure:

The next step is the apply some force and secure the cooler on the main board:

As we can see the cooler is compact enough to fit inside even small PC cases:

3. How we test

We tested the cooler using the following PC:

In order to produce the highest possible temperature, we used the OCCT v2.0.1 software and a custom 30mins (mixed) operation:

We left both both cores of the CPU running at full load for  approximately 30 minutes. All the temperatures were logged using the CoreTemp 0.99.3 and the software itself. Measurements were taken for each overclocking scenarios:

Regarding the noise measurements, we used a Precision Gold N09AQ Environment Meter. Each measurement was taken at a 30cm distance from the cooler, while it was running at full speed.

For all the coolers of this test we used the same thermal compound from Tuniq, the TX-2.

4. Measurements

As we previously mentioned we took the measurements with the Intel Core i7-920 running at its stock speeds and then under overclocking.

Even at the nominal speed and voltage, the Intel Core i7-920 processor produce enough heat. Intel's stock cpu cooler kept the CPU's temperature at 58 degrees Celsius under full load, while the Thermaltake Silent 1156 was more efficient at around 53 degrees C:

Overclocking the Intel Core-i7 920 at 3.60GHz requires you to increase its voltage, meaning that even more heat will be produced. Here is a strong test that the product has to pass in order to justify its price.

The Intel stock cooler gave us around 90 degrees C, while the Thermaltake Silent 1156 managed to get the cpu temperature down to 79 degrees C. That's 11 degrees C less that the Intel stock cpu cooler:

Let's make some noise measurements now.

The Intel stock cooler leads the race here and produces the lowest noise among all the tested coolers (37dB).

At full speed, the Thermaltake Silent 1156 produced 47dB of noise, a good performance compared with other cpu coolers:

But how much would you need to spend for each cooler? Thermaltake's 1156 cooler retails online for ~$28~30, which is one of the cheapest cpu coolers you can buy:

5. Summary

The Thermaltake Silent 1156 is a new product made for the the LGA 1156 systems. Thermaltake promotes it as a silent performer that would not cost you a fortune to have it.

We decided to test this product in an LGA 1366 platform since we had already tested many other LGA 1156/1366 - compatible cpu coolers at the same platform, obviously for comparison reasons.

The cooler's will most probably not impress most of the users, although the full copper base and the fairly big main body should be efficient enough.

In our tests, the Thermaltake Silent 1156 lowered the temperatures of the Core i7-920 up to 11 degrees Celsius compared with Intel's stock cooler, especially under overclocking. But when the CPU was running at stock voltages the gain was just 5 degrees C.

The emitted noise is not that high but at full speed, it was higher than the Intel stock cooler. On the bright side, the product is available at just ~$30, making it affordable for almost everyone.

Overall, the Thermaltake Silent 1156 is an affordable product, with great build quality and can decently lower the temperature of your processor, especially when installed at an LGA 1156 socket. The cooler positioned itself somewhere in the middle of our benchmark result charts in terms of performance / noise. With the competition to be really hard for the new LGA 1156 socket, we have to do with another solution suggested as a next buy.

Retail package
Motherboard compatibility
Installation time
Copper Base quality


+ Works Intel LGA 1156/1366
+ Low retail price
+ Very easy installation
+ Will lower the temperatures of your processor compared with the Intel stock cooler
+ Low noise levels when fan is operating at low speed


- No support for AM2 socket
- Performance is not that impressive for the LGA 1366 socket

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