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Appeared on: Tuesday, January 27, 2009
LGA 1366 CPU Coolers: GlacialTech UFO V51 Vs Titan Fenrir

1. GlacialTech UFO V51 - features

Today we test two new CPU cooling fans for Intel's latest LGA 1366 socket, as well as the previous LGA 775 and AMD's k8/AM2. Glacialtech offers the UFO V51 and Titan the Fenrir (TTC-NK85TZ). Both CPU cooling solutions promise to increase the overclocking margins of the latest CPUs offering power users some extra performance.

- GlacialTech UFO V51



Power users

GlacialTech announced the launch of UFO V51 range of CPU coolers last November.

Sporting a UFO like design, the UFO V51 coolers are made up of two 92mm ultra silent fans, four heat-pipes with 6mm and 8mm diameter, aluminum fins, sleeve bearings and a stylish plastic encase. Available in 2 versions, UFO 51 Silent and UFO 51 PWM, the latest Glacialtech CPU coolers come with an Intel LGA 775 or AMD (754/939/940/AM2/F) socket and they are compatible with Intel Core i7, Intel Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium Extreme, Pentium Dual-Core, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron Dual-Core, Celeron D and Celeron; as well as AMD Phenom, Athlon 64 FX, Athlon 64 X2 Dual –Core, Opteron and Sempron processors.

The lightweight design, high performance thermal compound, quality polish bottom, UFO battleship design and pure copper base are some of the latest innovations incorporated by GlacialTech in this latest CPU cooler product line. The dual silent fans offer speeds of 800rpm to 2500rpm, four heat pipes and an aluminum heat sink maintain efficient air-flow management keeping the CPU and surrounding components like Memory, VRM and chipsets cool.

Key features on the GlacialTech V51 CPU Cooler include:

• Dual silent fan
• Light weight design
• Battleship design concept
• Good air-flow design
• High quality polish bottom
• High performance thermal compound
• Multi-solution for Intel and AMD all CPU included i7
• The air flow could cool the surrounding components (Memory, VRM, chipsets and etc.)
• Pure copper base

There are two variations of the UFO V51 product, the Silent and the PWM. Their main differences are at the supported fan speeds and acoustics:

2. GlacialTech UFO V51 - a closer look

The package for the GlacialTech UFO V51 was big for a CPU cooler so we were anxious to see the size of the device inside.

The coolers was placed in a plastic cell.

Finally you can see how exactly the cooler looks like.. Well we can say that its design reminds us of the various UFOs we have seen in Youtube videos :)

Four heatpipes with a diameter of 6mm each connect the highly polished base with the aluminum fins. Two 92mm fans bring cool air inside and direct it to the bottom side, cooling the CPU as well as other components of the motherboard (capacitors, RAM etc).

While this design may sound perfect for cooling nearby components, such products usually don't manage to deliver outstanding performance, compared with more conservative designs.

The 92mm fans doesn't support the PWM function:

The aluminum fins are not very big and they are sandwiched between two 92mm rotating fans.

The bottom base is covered with a plastic protective sticker.


3. GlacialTech UFO V51 - Box contents, Installation

The packaging includes a plastic bag with all the needed mounting parts for the various Intel/AMD sockets. We also found a printed manual and thermal paste.

We are ready for the installation. The main idea is to mount the two big metal plates on the motherboard using the included screws and afterwards place the the cpu cooler and secure it using two more screws. Comparing the procedure with other we have seen with other CPU coolers, this one is a little bit more complicated.

These are all the parts you will need to to the job:

The first thing to do is to screw the the four headers to the two LGA 1366 plates

And then we tried to mount it on the Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard...Oh wait, houston we have a problem! While the one plate was mounted without any problems, we had an issue with the second one as the red arrow shows in the picture below. Due to the 16+2 mosfets, the metal plate could not securely mount on the board. Rotating the two metal plates didn't help much.

We tried to install the LGA 775 plates on the same Asus P5Q Deluxe motherboard. Again, we couldn't get the metal plates secured at the motherboard, since both were kind of shorter than the motherboard's holes (!) After applying some extra force, they were finally placed in position, but we feel that both "incompatibilities" should had been addressed by GlacialTech before shipping the product.

We tried another LGA 1366 motherboard we had in our labs, the Foxconn Renaissance. This s time both metal plates were mounted without any problems and finally we had a system ready for the tests:

Despite its big size, the cooler can be installed in both orientations.

In case your PC case is smaller, we feel that the "UFO" design of this product could make installation harder.

Once installed, the cooler is high enough to stay above your motherboard's heatsinks:

4. Titan Fenrir - features


Power users

Our second CPU cooler in this test is the new Fenrir (TTC-NK85TZ) by Titan. This new product supports the latest LGA 1366 interface and will hopefully allow us to highly overclock the Core i7 processor.

The device possess 4 lager 8mm copper heat pipes to maximize the overclocking performance up to 10W.

For better heat conductive efficiency, the Royal Grease (0.032 C/W) is bundled in each package.

The 12cm giant fan with built-in PWM speed control technology will operate automatically to deal with overheating problems .

- Features

- Specifications

Outline Dimension
156 x 124 x 107mm
Fan Dimension
120 x 120 x 25 mm
Rated Voltage
12V DC
Rated Current
Power Consumption
Rated Speed
800~2200 RPM ±10%
Static Pressure
0.02~ 0.11 InchH2O
Noise Level
<17.2 ~ <39dBA
Rotation Direction
No. of Pole
4 Pole
Bearing Type
Z-axis Bearing
Life Time
60,000 HOURS

5. Titan Fenrir - a closer look

The Titan Fenrir comes in a hard plastic shell. For sure we would like to see a boxed retail case that would allow us to use the cooler without destroying the package.

The retail price of the product is around $48 - a good price for overclockers.

Below you can see the contents of the package. There are the mounting mechanisms for Intel and AMD sockets, thermal paste, a 4to3 pins adapter and a printed manual.

The Titan Fenrir has a rather typical design for this category, with U-shaped full copper heatpipes (8mm) and many aluminum fins.

The base of the cooler is partially covered by the copper heatpipes and also a metal plate. The surface is big enough to cover the LGA 1366 CPUs.

The 120mm fan spins at 800~2200 RPM ±10%, which should be fast enough to keep the temperature low. The supported PWM function is also useful. If your motherboard doesn't support it, simply use the included 4-to-3 pin adapter.

6. Titan Fenrir - Installation

In order to install the Titan Fenrir you have to read the printed manual for about 30secs. Things are very simple here. Just place the corresponding metal plate on the back side of the motherboard, in our case the Asus P6T Deluxe.

Then, place the central metal plate on the the Titan Fenrir

The final step is to gently place the cooler on the CPU and push the central metal clip until it reach the four metal headers.

Then you have to secure the whole structure by simply using the four hand screwdrivers...The whole process is simple and tool-less.

Installing the 120mm fan is also simple as the following picture shows:

7. Test methodology

For our tests with the LGA 1366 CPU coolers we used an open air test bed with the following configuration:

In order to produce the highest possible temperature inside the PC case, we used OCCT v2.0.1 software with a custom 30mins (mixed) operation.

We left both cores running at full load for ~30 minutes. All temperatures were logged using the CoreTemp 0.99.3 and the software itself.

We followed two overclocking scenarios:

We also measured the produced noise from all the coolers using the Precision Gold N09AQ Environment Meter. All measurements were taken at a distance of 30cm from the cpu cooler running at full speed. For all the coolers we used the same thermal compound from Tuniq, the TX-2. All in all we tried to have the exactly same environment conditions in all the tested coolers.

8. Test results

Both the Titan Fenrir and GlacialTech UFO V51 should be able to perform much better than Intel's stock CPU cooler.

Let's start with the results when the Intel Core-i7 920 processor runs at its default clock speed, the 2.66GHz. We can see that the Intel stock cooler keeps the cpu temperature at 58 degrees Celsius, which is rather high. Using the GlacialTech UFO V51 helped a little bit and the temperature was 4 degrees C lower. But the significant gain came from the Titan Fenrir system. At full speed, we got 46 degrees Celsius, while in the Q-Fan mode (standard fan mode), the temperature was slightly increased at 47 degrees C.

Pushing the Intel Core-i7 920 to work at 3.60GHz means that the voltage is also increased, which is translated to more heat and cooling requirements. In our case, the Intel stock cpu cooler did not help much and the temperature reached the 90 degrees C.

The GlacialTech UFO V51 Silent lowered the CPU temperature by 12 degrees C while the Titan Fernir further cooled the system down at a stunning 61 degrees C under full speed.

Let's see now how much noise each CPU cooler produces.

The Intel stock cooler is the quietest and the measurement we took was just 37dB. Despite its dual 92mm fans, the GlacialTech UFO V51 also was quiet with 40dB, while the Titan Fenrir is rather loud with 43dB at Q-Fan mode and over 52dB at full speed! All test results are available here.

9. Conclusion

The GlacialTech UFO V51 is a big sized cpu cooler with two 92mm fans. We liked its unique design although at the same time, its shape could cause you installation problems if your PC case is small.

We also experienced an incompatibility issue with the Asus P6T & P5Q Deluxe motherboard. We hope that Glacialtech will update the mounting mechanisms and make the product more compatible.

The installation procedure will take you some time and the test results showed some performance gain compared with the Intel stock cooler. The noise levels are very low, close to what Intel cpu cooler produces. Overall a decent product that needs some small corrections that the V2 could offer.

Retail package
Motherboard compatibility
Installation time
Copper Base quality


+ Good retail package
+ Interesting design
+ Works with both AMD/Intel platforms
+ Includes thermal paste
+ Good performance in noise level tests


- Due to design there might be issues with small cases
- Not very good compatibility, at least with two tested Asus motherboards
- The performance gain may not meet your expectations, at least for this retail price

The Titan Fenrir comes with a complete retail package. The mounting mechanism is tool-less and the 120mm fan proved to be very efficient but a little bit loud, as our tests showed.. The cooler also comes armed with the PWM function.

The product managed to keep the temperature of our overcooked Core i7-920 (3.60GHz) at just 61 degrees Celsius, which should be considered as a top performance.

We would welcome an option to support a second 120mm fan for even better performance.

Overall, the Titan Fenrir is a great product designed for overclockers, it is easily installed and it is available at a very good price. Well done Titan!


Retail package
Motherboard compatibility
Installation time
Copper Base quality


+ Complete retail package
+ Good retail price
+ Works with both AMD/Intel platforms
+ Includes thermal paste
+ Will fit in most midi cases
+ Very good compatibility
+ Aluminum fins are not sharp
+ Very good performance under overclocking
+ 120mm fan supports PWM function for less noise


- High noise levels at full speed
- Too bad we can't mount a second 120mm fan and further increase performance!

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